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Someone should have held his hand?

June 23, 2018

#SFGiants postgame Beatles-themed fireworks night tonight. In honor of Strickland breaking his hand on a door are they playing “Fool on the Hill?

Giants posted a list of the 2018 draft picks they signed. A handful of them were born after January 1, 2000. How did this happen?

NFL to suspend Jameis Winston for allegedly sexual assaulting a female Uber driver. Someone should have stuck to grabbing crab legs.

Clayton Kershaw will skip a scheduled rehab start to start against #MetsSaturday. To be fair, pitching against Mets offense IS a rehab start. #Dodgers

The silver lining about Trump staffers in DC not being able to get dates – at least they won’t be reproducing.

Prescient about Trump voters? James Baldwin in 1955 – “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

ICE announced they may seek up to 15,000 beds to detain immigrant families. Can we start calling these detention facilities Trump hotels?

To be fair, does anyone really think if Trump were separated from his young children that either he or they would have cared?

Would be too absurd to imagine Melania was told to wear that jacket just to provoke outrage that GOP could then get outraged about. Wouldn’t it?
#ItsJustAJacket #ItsNotJustAJacket

While we’re focused on pictures, where are the pictures of Americans lining up to apply for jobs picking fruit, working in restaurants, doing construction and delivering pizzas etc now that Trump is deporting immigrants who had had those jobs?

Under Trump, EVERY day feels like the longest day of the year. #SummerSolstice

Somehow I missed the Trump press conferences with Parkland and Santa Fe parents #AngelFamilies


Was autographing pictures of murder victims another of those moments Trump became Presidential?

“AP Fact Check: Trump’s take on immigrant crime off mark.”
Uh, once again, how hard is it to say “He lied”?