Time to investigate?

Uh oh. Underage drinking.  Time for a congressional investigation.


As my friend Bob Thompson says,  “polyester is the most egregious violation.  The investigation should be immediate.”

Justin Bieber is apparently making guests at his parties sign a contract promising not to post pictures of it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Shocking.  Bieber has friends?

The Boy Scouts of America have apparently voted to allow openly gay boys to be accepted as Scouts. For a lot of conservative parents, this is likely to be a controversial decision. For their sons, it’s more likely to be “whatever.”

So jurors couldn’t decide on the penalty phase of Jodi Arias’s trial. Hey, doesn’t Jerry Sandusky need a cellmate?

Apparently marijuana users are more likely to be slim. And a new study indicates that pot smokers appear to have better carbohydrate metabolism than nonusers.” Either that or Doritos is an unsung diet food.

Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey will get free burgers for life thanks to two local restaurants. Free burgers for life? Look for a post baseball career in volunteer law enforcement for Pablo Sandoval.

Great, we’re now arguing over whether Democrats or Republicans are responsible for George W. Bush’s appointment of Douglas Shulman, IRS commissioner during the targeting of Tea Party groups. How about spending some of this energy on fixing the corporate tax code?

Anthony Weiner is now officially running for Mayor of New York. Not sure this is what most Americans mean when they say they want politicians who practice full disclosure.

My friend Jeff Klein has an interesting way to waste time – all the phrases that don’t really have meaning anymore – “Roll down the window”, “Dial a phone,””Record of the Year….” Figure my readers can come up with dozens.

#ChuckNorris just wrote of Tim #Tebow “He reminds me of myself.” And some would say, and about as likely to be a real #NFL quarterback.

At Fleetwood Mac concerts this days there are two advantages to the cheap seats. 1. You can’t see the wrinkles. 2. The rising cloud is free treatment for glaucoma etc.

Jesse James apparently severed his pinky finger in a shop accident. Ex-wife Sandra Bullock and several other ex’s might no doubt be forgiven for wishing he had severed something else.

The Houston Astros fired a stadium vendor after a fan filmed him putting a tray of snow cones onto a bathroom floor while he used the facilities. Yikes. And here Astros fans thought the most stomach churning thing this year at Minute Maid Park would be the team’s play on the field.

Aaron Rodgers wants the Green Bay Packers to retire Brett Favre’s #4. It’s either a nice gesture of sportsmanship, or Rodgers wants to make it even harder for Favre to try to come back and take his job.

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