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This might be the first link to a commercial I’ve ever posted.  It’s for the new Amazon Kindle, and if you haven’t seen it,  it’s so worth 30 seconds of your time.  IMHO:

Barack Obama took 12 GOP senators out to dinner last night and personally picked up the tab. Waiting for Ted Cruz to demand the President’s impeachment for attempted bribery.

San Diego may soon permit  medical marijuana sales from vending machines. Assume next to the Doritos machines?

QB Gunner Kiel, a top recruit in 2012, changed his mind and defected from both Indiana and LSU before ending up at Notre Dame.  Now Kiel has now announced he is transferring after one year in South Bend.  What’s Gunner’s reason, that the Fighting Irish weren’t offering enough of a commitment?

Michigan Senator Carl Levin, 78, has announced he will not seek re-election in 2014. “Retiring so young?!” remarked John McCain.

Mariano Rivera says he is retiring after the 2013 season. Responded Cher – “The first time is the hardest.”

Former SF Giants closer Brian Wilson has announced he will not try out for MLB teams until he is at 100% following his second Tommy John surgery. Does that mean “the Beard” is retiring?

A new study shows that consuming large quantities of processed meats can raise your risk of premature death by 44%. Hmm, maybe a solution to the Social Security/Medicare funding crisis – free hot dogs and bacon for all!.

The Big East is probably changing their name for football to “America 12 Conference” as they’ve registered the domain name “” The way schools have been leaving hope they also registered “America11” “America10”, “America9” and so on….

Facebook’s new News Feed will apparently place greater emphasis on photos that members post. You know what this means, even more cats!

Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin ended up in the Scottsdale emergency room after being stung by a scorpion. Hearing the story, SF Giants fans are surprised it didn’t happen to Jeremy Affeldt.

Pop star Justin Bieber needed medical attention after he. fainted during a concert in London. Fortunately Bieber did recover, and to the dismay of most parents in attendance, he did return to finish the show.

From Bill Littlejohn:     “Johnny Manziel said that he will take out an insurance policy in case of a career-ending injury.   And after he takes out this one for the nightclubs and bars he goes to, he’ll also take out one for playing football.”

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