No such thing as bad publicity?

The NFL apparently wants to move their  combine, the start of free agency, and the draft, to early March, April and May respectively. This so the league has one “big event” each month during the offseason. Well, other than arrests.

If Oscar Pistorius is released on bail, his coach said the “Blade Runner” will resume training next week. And here Nike thought Tiger Woods’ marital issues made him an embarrassing spokesperson.

At this point the Pistorius investigation is inviting comparisons to the O.J. Simpson case.  But so far, compared to the South Africans, the LAPD is looking competent.


Former Illinois sergeant Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years for the drowning death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. The case shocked state residents. They’re not used to sending policemen to prison, only politicians.

The NY Post reported that Lindsay Lohan ended up ruining a $1750 dress she borrowed for Fashion Week. Shocking. Who would be stupid enough to loan Lindsay a dress


Bill Littlejohn, on Art Imitating Life.  “Lew Temple — Axel from The Walking Dead — was once a scout for the Houston Astros.”

Indiana’s state Senate advanced a bill to “protect women’s safety” by requiring an transvaginal ultrasound both before and after having a first trimester abortion. Well, while they’re at it, how about protecting men’s safety by requiring a rectal ultrasound before and after a prostrate exam?

The lawyer for the former mayor of Bell, California, who is on trial for misappropriating funds, says his client was too uneducated to realize that his $100,000 salary for a part-time job was illegal. I think I like “fell into a lifeboat” better.

Welcome to America. Quote from a English tourist about the shootout on the Las Vegas Strip this morning: “This doesn’t happen where we come from. We get stabbings, but this is like something out of a movie. Like ‘Die Hard’ or something.”

Back to the Oscar show. Okay, maybe this is U.S.-centric, but I’m having a hard time imagining how a detective who is facing an attempted murder charge even gets on another murder case in the first place.

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