Game won.

Even Kirk Gibson watching Pablo Sandoval tonight in Game 1 of the World Series had to be saying  “”I don’t believe what I just saw.”.


After facing Barry Zito, the Detroit Tigers may protest game 1: They didn’t think it was legal for a non-knuckleball pitcher to throw that slowly.

But who knew?  Barry Zito –  RBI machine.

Gaylord Perry threw out ceremonial first pitch  for SF Giants tonight. Wonder how long it took Sergio Romo to wash his hands afterwards?


Moral victory for Jose Valverde: He kept Panda in the park.

Could it get any better for SF Giants fans? The team is in the World Series, and today comes the rumor from a Southern California radio station that the LA Dodgers are interested in A-Rod.

Former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has now said that David Ortiz sidelined himself in Sept. not because of his Achilles injury, but because he knew the team was out of the playoffs after they traded with the Dodgers. Looking like Boston was out of the playoffs as soon as they signed Bobby V.

Here we go again. Donald Trump has offered to donate $5 million to charity if President Obama releases his college records and applications and passport records and applications. Really? How about all that money Larry Flynt has offered for Mitt’s tax returns?

Wonder how much might be donated to charity if Donald Trump would release information on where that furry thing that lives on his head was born?

President Obama on the Tonight Show about the origins of his problems with Donald Trump: “This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya….” (Note to my GOP friends, it was a JOKE.)

Even Sarah Palin is beginning to think Donald Trump is a media whore.

My sense is that Ambassador Stevens would be sickened by all this politicizing of his death. But today some conservative media are headlining that the U.S was advised two hours after the attack that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit. Yo, with most attacks SEVERAL groups initially claim credit.

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2 Comments on “Game won.”

  1. Tony Alan Banks Says:

    Millionaire and all, it was very nice to see Barry Zito’s performance last night. I think it was the P.E.D.’S Pride Enjoyment Doing it.

  2. tc Says:

    In game 1, the third base bag received votes for being a star. Tonight (game 2) it was the third base line.

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