Moving on.

The  GOP in the end got their convention in with minimal damage from Hurricane Isaac. And the Dems next week feel pretty sure no storm will damage their show. Heck, with Joe Biden big winds feel it’s a matter of professional courtesy.

So the “mystery guest” at the GOP convention was Clint Eastwood. Guess Clint didn’t read what Republicans said about him after that that “Halftime in America” ad.

Wrote this before,  but…  If Mitt Romney were somehow to win in November, Madame Tussaud’s will face a real challenge – how to make a wax figure of a wax figure.

As Isaac moves on, looks like New Orleans, a very blue dot in a very red state, escaped with minimal damage compared to the conservative rural areas nearby on the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. Waiting for the fire-and-brimstone sermons about God’s intentions on this one.

New Orleans appears to have made it through Isaac with minimal damage. So on Saturday the Superbowl,   instead of housing 20,000 refugees, will only hold several thousand folks who couldn’t find anything better to do than a Rutgers-Tulane football game.

Some in the GOP are complaining about Chris Christie fast food and other “fat” jokes. Guess they forgot some of the humor includes recycled pre-heart-attack Bill Clinton jokes.

Chad Billingsley may be out for the year. Bad news for the Dodgers. Good news for teams trying to dump pitchers signed to $100 million+ contracts.

A new study found that extreme calorie restriction may not actually improve longevity. Well, and who wanted to live to be 100 and be hungry ALL the time anyway? –
The NFL is starting Week 1 with replacement refs, leading many to worry that a mistake could be made that affects the outcome of the season. Like misapplying the “tuck rule?”

An odd thought about Thursday’s GOP finale. So what happened to Hurricane Isaac? It delayed the convention, killed a few people and caused some serious damage in the U.S.. But not enough of a disaster to give Obama the chance to have a Presidential photo-op, so now not worth mentioning?

(Although let’s be fair, neither Louisiana nor Mississippi, the two hardest hit states, are swing states.  If so Obama’s federal aid would have been in a close race with Romney’s “private” charities to show up to deliver aid.)

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2 Comments on “Moving on.”

  1. maRC Says:

    Regarding Clint Eastwood’s act at the GOP convention, Ann Romney said she “didn’t see it coming” Hell, Jessie Holmes didn’t see it coming.

  2. maRC Says:

    sorry for the bad typing janice. i am using a computer here at my mom’s complex in florida, where i am taking a few days of R & R (not Romney and Ryan)

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