How many times can a man turn his head…?

Can we make  “Blowing in the Wind” the new Penn State fight song?

The Joe Paterno statue has been taken down at Penn State. One angry supporter said “I think it was an act of cowardice on the part of the university.” Uh, following upon a whole lot of SLIGHTLY more cowardly acts.

Regarding that Penn State statue of Joe Paterno.    If/when they bring it back can they install it upside down with JoePa’s head buried in the sand?

Reports are Penn State will not get the NCAA’s “death penalty.” Will they rename SMU “Chopped Liver” university?

(my friend Steve Moyer suggests  ” Perhaps the punishment should be that all the university leaders get fondled and molested by Jerry Sandusky.”)

Yet another sadly ironic “Be careful what you wish for”: Batman director Nolan in EW worried about being lost amid the glut this summer – “I don’t want to be just another superhero movie.”

And another serious thought:   Some pro-gun types are already saying that more people with guns inside the Aurora movie theater could have prevented many of the killings.   Uh,  while I hate guns,  I have gun owning friends, and believe responsible gun owners can defend themselves.  But in the dark, with a smoke bomb, and a lot of people in costume…. ?  In this case – more guns would equal a lot more dead.

And okay, so the guy got the guns legally.  If we can’t change gun control laws can we at least change whatever laws allowed him to get 6,000 rounds of ammunition?   And/or maybe also figure out some way that when he buys the FOURTH gun within a few months that it doesn’t set off some alarms, somewhere?    (Heck,  Safeway can figure out if someone in your household used a promo coupon already in a week,  the airlines can figure out when you’re trying to get sign-up bonus miles under the same name with credit cards…shouldn’t be that hard.)


What you’re most likely to hear in New York sports bars these days —  “Let’s go Yankees!”  and  “When does the NFL season start?”

Time to change the slogan to “Let’s Blow,  Mets?”

Even Cubs fans are feeling sorry for Adam Scott.

And the lighter side story of the day is a young female bear who wandered into a Pittsburgh,  PA mall, and was found wandering around a Sears.  (It’s a light story because no one was harmed, including the bear.)
The possibilities are endless, but for starters:

Sears’ new slogan?  “The place to shop for the bear necessities?”

Are the “Snakes on a plane” folks paying attention?  “Bears in a mall” should be equally appealing?

“Bears in a mall” has particular comic possibilities… especially if one chomps on a Kardashian.

More suggestions encouraged.

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3 Comments on “How many times can a man turn his head…?”

  1. Gary M. Says:

    Bear story:

    Perhaps she was shopping for a pick-i-nic basket.

    In Pittsburgh so she may have been looking to bear hug Gentle Ben in the ladies’ room.

  2. tc Says:

    British Open observations: The golf gods got even with Adam Scott and the ruling that he did not cause the ball to move on the 7th hole. IMHO, he should have received a penalty.

    The ESPN announcers proclaimed that with 5 holes left, Scott had one hand on “The Claret Jug” trophy. However, like Jean Van de Velde in the 1999 Open Championship, they failed to notice the other hand was around the trhoat.

  3. tc Says:

    new Chicago and Pitts area ad – Da Sears!

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