Risky business.

Another day, another sports DUI arrest.  (Today the NFL  Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch.) Maybe teams should start adding “doing your own driving” to prohibited activities like spelunking and skydiving.

NY Police reportedly say that Jason Kidd was so drunk when HE was arrested he didn’t even know how he had crashed his car. Kidd was signed to be a mentor to Jeremy Lin – Uh, maybe to give him advice like “Dude, when you’re hammered, call a taxi?”

From Maaj  “Jason Kidd got a DWI. He tried to pass the sobriety test but it got picked off.”

Joe Paterno’s family is denying the Louis Freeh report’s findings. Sounds like denial is genetic.

Interesting. Many of the people who said that Joe Paterno was NOT getting doddering and senile, are now defending him by saying he was….

The President and Vice President attended tonight’s exhibition game between the U.S. and Brazil. Team USA had to rally from an early 10 point deficit to win 80-69. Just as well, otherwise the GOP would have one more thing for which to blame Obama.

Kudos to Susan Collins of Maine just cast her 5000th consecutive vote. (Third longest ever.). As one of the few moderates in the Senate, Collins often has to be one of the deciding votes on close bills. So this ought to silence (again) those who believe women don’t have the stomach for tough politics.

Cincinnati star Joey Votto will have surgery on a torn meniscus, and will be out 3-4 weeks. The injury was sustained June 29, when the Reds were playing….San Francisco. Yep, the Giants broke ANOTHER player.

(Oscar B. says, “how long until an MLB investigation?”)

Target is now stocking new same-sex marriage along with tradtional marriage cards. Very cool. The company is embracing tolerance, or at least LGBT buying power.

Nadia Lockyer resigned in April her Alameda County, California, board of supervisor’s position after a drug/sex scandal. Today state treasurer Bill Lockyer has filed for divorce. And who saw this coming?

Donald J. Sobol, 87, has passed away. He authored the Encyclopedia Brown series. Wonder how many clues mourners will have to find to make it to his funeral.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is going to have another child with his sometimes girlfriend Kate Major. It’s times like these that you wish the requirements to become a parent were at least as strict as adopting a pet from the Humane Society.


Golden State Warriors center is apparently being investigating in his home country of Latvia for alleged income tax evasion. Well, that’s a change. An NBA player evading taxes? Usually it’s child support.

Tim Pawlenty for Romney’s V.P.? Well, maybe they figured Pawlenty was one of the few people who could make Romney look like “Mr. Excitement.”

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3 Comments on “Risky business.”

  1. Diana Says:

    If only the Giants were hitting the ball as well as they’re hitting opposing players… They do know they’re supposed to be playing baseball, not football, right?

    • Good point Diana, although the weird thing is that most of these injuries aren’t coming from collisions or HBP’s generally, this was a slide into 3rd, one was I think trying to make a catch, a couple pitchers have injured themselves throwing, etc. But still, it seems like on a series. Thanks for commenting.

  2. tc Says:

    There have been 27 NFL player arrests since Super Bowl. When the Commish starts handing out suspensions for code of conduct breaches, there will be openings for “replacement” players. Look for Jason Kidd to be among the first in line.

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