One statement released about Whitney Houston’s death said it was “Unimaginable.” “Sad”, yes, “a terrible waste”, yes, “horrible for her daughter”, yes. But “unimaginable?” Not exactly. Maybe not even completely “unexpected.” (Are you paying attention, Lindsay Lohan?)

Though questions remain about Whitney Houston’s death, the sad truth is that the person she probably needed a bodyguard from was herself.

Bus to hell time. So wonder what Whitney Houston was drinking at the time of her death? Bathtub gin?

Wonder if all those big post Grammy parties and champagne that friends of Rihanna suggested to Chris Brown that he go home and take a nice long bath?

Okay, I get celebrity watching, even extending to funerals. But all these non-media folks lined up with phones and camera phones outside the Beverly Hills Hotel jostling to get a shot of the coroner’s van with Whitney Houston’s body?

Not exactly a picture you’d print for your mantel.

A little irony, Jennifer Hudson was eliminated on American Idol during Barry Manilow week. But the week before, she wowed everyone on movie soundtrack week with “I have nothing,” from “The Bodyguard.

How quickly things change. The Sunday newspaper talked about the big story at the Grammys tonight being the singing comeback of Adele.

Why the Academy Awards always has it over the Grammys. The Oscar telecast is LIVE. Come on folks – those of us on the West Coast can handle a show starting on television late Saturday afternoon. We just managed the Super Bowl.

Warriors vs. Rockets Sunday night. Otherwise known as the “We scr*wed up on Jeremy Lin” matchup.

Republican infighting reaches new heights with even Ron Paul going after Romney and accusing him of cheating in the Maine caucuses. (Santorum and Gingrich were already in full attack mode.) It appears to be bitter, personal and unending. Who does the GOP think they are? Democrats?

Got to love TSA. Today at the airport my carry on bag seemed a bit wide to one agent. Said I couldn’t bring it through security. Asked if I had a sweater or jacket inside? Had a sweater. Told me to take it out and carry it. Now we were good. Felt so much safer…. Sigh.

Did someone forget to tell Phil Mickelson that Tiger Woods was supposed to be today’s golf story?

The Yankees are reported in talks with the Pirates to move A.J. Burnett. The trade would no doubt require NY to eat some of his $35 million salary for the next two years. This passes for baseball equality these days, the rich get a little less rich, and the poor get stuck with players like Burnett.

Beach Boys 50 year reunion. Yeah, they’ve still got it, even if those “Good Vibrations’ might now be from their overheated hearing aids.

Not to say Beach Boys aren’t as active as they used to be. But hear one song on their reunion tour will be “Channel Surfing USA.”

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2 Comments on ““Unimaginable?””

  1. Augie Says:

    “Bus to hell time. So wonder what Whitney Houston was drinking at the time of her death? Bathroom gin?”

    It must have been more than two fingers for her to drown in it. Does the bus to hell have a transfer? Houston and Bobbie Brown once made a trip to Israel to connect with their Jewish roots. Guess that made them “Hebros. “

  2. tc Says:

    Tiger went on record last stating that long belly putters should be outlawed on the PGA tour.

    After Sunday’s final round at the AT&T, he added “putting left handed” to that wish list.

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