No, this isn’t a scene from a potential Power Rangers movie….it’s the one-time special Nike-sponsored Stanford football uniform.

Nike says Saturday’s uniforms -pictured above- are a “metaphor for the pulse of life and the heart that pumps the relentless engine that is Stanford pride.” I think I like “a shameless but eye-catching-albeit-ugly brand promotion” better.

Meanwhile, in the NFL on Thursday night, Poor Alex Smith. Yesterday he spent so much time on his back under large men the 49ers QB was named an honorary Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Ndamukong Suh, after being ejected for another personal foul penalty, will be out of action probably for a week or two for the Detroit Lions. Says T.C,, “well at least he has increased his chances of one day being offered a role on the Calgary Stomp-peders.”

On Thursday night during an early Black Friday sale, a shopper in a Southern California Walmart allegedly used pepper spray to keep others away from things she wanted to buy. In the woman’s defense, she claimed she was just in the spirit of Thanksgiving by sharing food with others.

But really, if pepper spray is a vegetable does this make salsa a multi-vitamin?

Harvard upset #20 Florida State tonight in men’s college basketball. This would never happen in football. Between the BCS and the scheduling gods, there’s no way Harvard would ever play FSU in college football.

The latest conservative complaint against Obama is that while he said “God Bless You,” at the end of his Thanksgiving speech the President didn’t explicitly thank God. Fox Radio host Todd Stearns, for example, said “Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally steeped in giving thanks and praise to God.” Uh, if you asked most Americans wouldn’t they say it’s for giving thanks and praise to family, food and football?

There are rumors that people have developed seizures while watching the movie “Twilight, Breaking Dawn.” Which means millions of men will be telling their wives/partners/girlfriends- “Honey, of course I’d love to see the movie with you, but my doctor recommends against it.

Listening to announcers talking about LSU senior QB Jordan Jefferson’s “comeback.” After he was suspended from the team for allegedly kicking a guy on the ground in the head during a bar fight. But after the charges were downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor (and the trial will be in the off-season), Jefferson was reinstated. How heartwarming.

And moving onward, another of those serious thoughts: Okay, I get anti-Wall Street, and I get anti-greed. But Occupy protests like Friday night’s to stop shopping in San Francisco’s Union Square? (Didn’t work well, but no one got hurt.)

Sorry while I’m not pro-big-corporation, I am necessarily anti-retail employees just trying to make a living selling stuff we may or may not need.

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9 Comments on “Leftovers”

  1. Tony Alan Banks Says:

    If you listen to the audio carefully during the ugly head smashing incident, you can hear Ndamukong Suh channeling his inner Johnny Cash as he shouts: “My name is Suh, how do you do!?”

  2. tc Says:

    It appears the BCS championship game may be contested between two SEC teams. Noting that, U of Hawaii has expressed interest in joining the SEC. NCAA officials say not likely – look at a map. Hawaii responded, “We’re SE of Korea.”

  3. tc Says:

    Holy! What color is that? Skin rash red?

  4. Keith Hillyard Says:

    For most Republicans, shouldn’t that be “families, food and football”?

  5. marc ragovin Says:

    Wisonsin 43, Penn State 14. No surprise. Penn State is used to men playing with boys

  6. marc ragovin Says:

    correction: it was wisconsin 42. penn st. 7. my bad

  7. tc Says:

    Patriot’s WR Ochocinco is out tomorrow with a dos centavos injury.

  8. tc Says:

    just got home from Grey Cup party. Lions won!!!! have to change from CFL BC football jersey to Canucks hockey one – and get downtown for the riot.

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