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And who saw this coming?

September 16, 2012



Is it really an upset when a college team defeats another for the fourth year in a row? Just asking?


Wonder if Lane Kiffin has already started looking for his next opportunity to underachieve?



My son heard this from Erin Andrews post-game on ESPN – “Stanford students are really smart but they won’t be going to class tomorrow after celebrating all night…” You can’t put anything past those University of Florida graduates.

Wonder if USC can take solace is that Stanford only beat the Trojans by four points more than they beat San Jose State.

Meanwhile the MVP for Ohio State today may be Cal’s field goal kicker.

Question of the night. What was more unlikely? Stanford beating USC tonight? Or the SF Giants being 8-0 in Barry Zito’s last eight starts?

No comment: Rick Santorum at a Values Voter Summit today – “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.”

Now Italian and Irish magazines announce plans to print those topless pictures of Kate. In the U.S., women think “This is outrageous,” men think “When can we see them?”