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Rose Bowl Trophy Ceremony

January 1, 2013

Rose Bowl Trophy Ceremony

Better to win than to cover.


That rosy feeling…

December 1, 2012


The nerds are going to Pasadena.   (Move over Cal Tech)



Is it too early to start the 2013 Kevin Hogan for Heisman campaign?


The Stanford vs. UCLA  Pac 12 championship was played at 5p. Scheduled for all those East Coast prime time market fans who really cared.   Both of them.


“The only good thing about Grover Norquist is he’s named after a character from ‘Sesame Street.'” — Former Pres. George W. Bush adviser Matthew Dowd. But while Elmo has been accused of screwing underage boys, this Grover has been screwing the whole country.


Monte Kiffin says he will retire as USC’s defensive coordinator after their bowl game. Trojan fans are just praying “Like father, like son.”

A Oregon man lost on Mount Hood in a blizzard was rescued from a storm after he posted a screenshot to Facebook with his GPS coordinates. Of course, maybe if he hadn’t been updating his FB page while hiking he might not have gotten lost in the first place.

The new owner of the New Orleans Hornets, Tom Benson, says he would like to change the name to something more “fitting” of Louisiana. If he can get the NBA to make the change does this make the whole team players to be named later?.

The Phoenix Suns on Dec. 6 will guarantee its fans that they will have fun at the game or they can apply for a refund. But define “fun.” Heck, for a certain type there’s always “Fifty Shades of the Washington Wizards.”

Not saying college football is overly in love with replay, but expect any day now to have an official review to see if a timeout is long enough.


Got to love all this media effort to search for the Powerball winners.   What a country, considering the odds, we glorify  people who were idiotic enough to buy tickets.


(and hey, the lottery for cheap entertainment value, sure, why not. But as a retirement plan?)

NBA commissioner David Stern fined San Antonio $250,000 after they sent 3 top players home early from a road trip, thereby missing the game against the Miami Heat. Stern said the fine was because the Spurs “did a disservice to the league and our fans.” So why doesn’t he fine the Wizards EVERY night?


Bowling for Roses…?

November 23, 2008

So Penn State is heading to the Rose Bowl “presented by Citi.”   Although this is the 95th time the game will take place,  the first Rose Bowl was actually in 1902.    Which was ironically the rookie year coaching for Joe Paterno.

The Rose Bowl is referred to as the “grandaddy of them all.”    Though Paterno says, “Hey, that’s MY title.”

Many fans didn’t think the 82 year old Paterno would make it coaching through the year.  Ironically it now seems likely he will be viable longer than Citi. 


George W. Bush still has almost two months in office. Then he can go back to Texas, and bankrupting just one company at a time.

As one of his last acts in office, President Bush is trying to remove species from the Endangered Species Act.  Though he is doing his best to add the Republican Party.

In the meantime, he is cleaning out the White House library – “The Military for dummies,” “The Economy for dummies,” “The Environment for dummies..”

But everyone’s writing books when they leave Washington –  Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice, the President himself.  Even Dick Cheney said he thinks he’ll take a shot at it.