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Decisions, decisions.

December 11, 2013

The stories out of Austin keep changing by the hour. Texas football coach Mack Brown was retiring, then he wasn’t, then he is, then he’s staying, then he’s leaving…. Even Brett Favre is impressed.

Although the male cheerleader didn’t actually trip the player, Oklahoma State announced they will discipline the student who extended a foot as one of the Oklahoma Sooners celebrated his end-of-game touchdown. Wonder if the young man has been offered a job with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray said they have reached a bipartisan budget deal, which would prevent another government shutdown. Well, this weather in DC may be inconveniencing many but seems like there are benefits to Hell freezing over.

A missing group of 2 adults and 4 children who went off to “play in the snow” have been found alive and in “good condition” in Nevada after being lost for two days. It’s good news, but maybe next time they get this idea the family should head to a ski resort? Or a mall with a snow making machine?

Aaron Hernandez, writing to a pen “friend” from prison. “I really enjoy my days. It’s not that bad, honestly.” Seriously? Maybe Hernandez figures it’s better than say, having been traded to the Redskins.



Uruguay’s Congress just voted to become the first country to legalize selling and growing marijuana. Can you say a new high for the Uruguay tourist industry.


Apparently over 200,000 people have signed up with a Dutch company potentially to be the first settlers to colonize Mars. Though to be fair, have to wonder how many of those signups were done by folks who secretly volunteered relatives or in-laws?

Dear Gawd. Now George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is recanting her 911 call and gun story. Saying that she both wants to drop charges and get back together with him. If the police allow this can they add a condition that the two never leave the state of Florida? Crazy might be contagious.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said today he still has confidence in defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Right, like Pat Haden said this Sept. of Monte’s son ” I’m behind Lane Kiffin 100 percent. I have great confidence in him….”

At Nelson Mandela’s memorial President Barack Obama shook hands with Cuban President Raul Castro. Mandela would be proud. And maybe it’s an early Christmas present – Obama has given Fox News material for a week.

So it begins. Sen. John McCain likened Obama’s handshake with Raul Castro to shaking hands with Adolf Hitler. Saying “Why would you shake hands with someone who’s keeping Americans in prison.” Uh, so exactly with how many countries would McCain advocate cutting off our relations?


But really, all this commotion about Cuba. Americans can travel to Vietnam, Russia, China and even Iran. Not to mention a number of ridiculously repressive regimes around the world. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about electoral votes in Florida? Besides, two words that might make even conservatives smile about a thawing in relations – Cuban cigars.