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Elections and other follies…

February 4, 2010

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is considering running for Lieutenant Governor. Let’s see, after the campaigning is over, what important daily duties does a Lieutenant Governor in California have? Well, actually, none.

Sounds like we’ may have found the right man for the job.

David Brown, the producer of the movie “Jaws” has died. His family had hoped for a quick funeral at sea, but apparently they’re going to need a bigger boat.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is trying to retract his statement that Toyota owners should “stop driving” their cars. Even Joe Biden is saying “Ray, couldn’t you have kept your mouth shut?”

The Meg Whitman – Steve Poizner feud continues in the California Republican gubernatorial primary. Now Poizner complains that Whitman’s campaign committed a crime with their internal email saying they would spend $40 million to go negative against him. Stay tuned for next week when Poizner calls Whitman a “cootie queen” and she calls him a “loser poo-poo head.”

At USC, a student manager has been fired from the basketball team for yelling “blow the f**king whistle” at a referee during a game. Well, good to see the Trojans have their priorities in order: Take tens of thousands of dollars or a car, and you end up with a pro career, use foul language, and you’re out as an embarrassment to the university.

Two feet of snow is expected to fall in Washington DC, effectively shutting down the capital until Monday. So for Congress, it’s business as usual.

Peyton Manning signed a nine year contract in 2004 for over $100 million, Drew Brees signed a six year $60 million contract in 2006. And now both Indianapolis and New Orleans are renegotiating to give their star quarterbacks more years and more money.

Not that both these players haven’t earned it. But what ever happened to honoring the contract you signed?


Natural talent…

May 16, 2009

A resolution presented to the Vista, California school board to declare June 1 Carrie Prejean day failed this week.

The resolution stated  that Prejean is an example “of what great things can be accomplished with natural talent, hard work and dedication.” Considering that pageant-paid “boob job,  honoring Prejean for her  natural talent is like honoring Joe Biden for his natural hair.

Wonder who drafted that resolution, maybe the same guy who drafted the Dodgers’ resolution to honor Manny for HIS natural talent.

Whoever said numbers don’t lie apparently wasn’t a fan of beauty pageants or baseball.

GM said they will close over 1000 dealerships.  Which means that next year those dealerships will sell about as many cars as they are selling now.

While it’s anyone’s guess who will be the next Governor of California, it’s pretty sure who won’t be getting the endorsement from Northern California’s largest newspaper.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom apparently said to a reporter from The Economist  if the SF Chronicle were to fold, “people under 30 wouldn’t even notice.”  Although my money’s on the Chronicle to survive longer than Gavin’s gubernatorial bid.

Michael Phelps’ mom Debbie  is apparently unhappy about “those cheap girls” – cocktail waitresses, strippers, etc, that her son is dating.

But hey, now that he’s already the new Mark Spitz, maybe Michael has set his sights on being the next Bill Clinton.

Meow mix

April 21, 2009

Okay,  tonight’s posts are catty.

Washingtonian Magazine featured a shirtless picture of our new President on the cover.  Yet another reason to be glad Democrats didn’t nominate Hillary Clinton.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officially announced his candidacy for Governor of California on Twitter.  Does that mean all this followers are Twits?

Actually the California Governor’s race currently features SF mayor Gavin Newsom against LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  So let’s see, one had an affair with his best friend and campaign manager’s wife, the other with the anchorwoman of Telemundo, the state’s largest Spanish language station.

If it’s an election about judgment, it’s hard to see which one of them has shown worse…

Regarding the NBA playoffs,  an event designed seemingly to drive sports fans into watching hockey, you really have to wonder, who came up with this system?.

Case in point, a first round matchup between the New Orleans Hornets and the Denver Nuggets, two of the more interesting “teams-who-are-not-the-Lakers.”  (I confess, I like Chris Paul.)  

The first game is at 1030p Eastern time, 930p New Orleans time, 830p Denver time.  On Sunday, a school night  But wait, in case this matchup  piques anyone’s attention, the next game is…Wednesday?

Even Bud Selig is saying… what are these people thinking?

And speaking of hockey, San Jose managed to win a game tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.  Good thing too, it was shaping up to be the worst Shark week not involving Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfuss.

Dick Cheney has been in the news again criticizing the Obama administration.  But give the guy a break, he’s having a hard time adjusting to no longer being President.