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Full counts

March 30, 2023

Okay, Aaron Judge, that’s just rubbing it in. #SFGiants

Meanwhile, Justin Verlander, 40, is already on the IL.

On a brighter note for the Mets, some of his medical costs may be defrayed by Medicare.

Probably won’t be the last, but the first indictment against Trump will come from the Stormy Daniels case. Moral of story: Never f*ck with someone who f*cks for a living

How lucky are the GOP Cowards of Congress? With the two week spring break coming up, they won’t have to dodge Washington DC reporters asking what they think about Trump’s indictment.

Open warning to my celebrating social media pals. Please do not drink a shot for each count against Trump. Your health matters!


Opening day eve

March 30, 2023

Have the Oakland A’s been eliminated yet?

Congratulations to the Sacramento Kings, in NBA playoffs for the first time in 16 years. Even more shocking, they’re one of three Western Conference teams actually IN the playoffs, as opposed to seven other teams who could still end up in the “play-in” games.

Tommy Tuberville, putting our military readiness at risk because disagrees w/ military being able to travel for reproductive health reasons. He talks about “recruitment crisis.” Uh, why would woman join military if she might be deployed now to anti-choice state & can’t travel?

And Tuberville, complaining if Democrats want to confirm Defense Department nominations they can just vote to confirm all 180 of them. But apparently votes each take hours. Fine, let Schumer cancel Easter break & other vacations to vote and see how Tommy’s GOP colleagues like it.

Again, as Tommy Tuberville wants you to believe he cares about women and life, when he coached at Auburn he had a player charged with statutory rape. Guy got plea deal to lesser charge. Tuberville briefly suspended him & then benched the player for ONE. game.

Lawrence O’Donnell on the Last World points out tonight that Vice President Harris’s talking about the history of slavery on her visit to Ghana would now be banned in Florida schools. Even long-time banana republics have to be appalled at Florida.

Mike Pence says he has “nothing to hide” with the DOJ investigation of Velveeta Voldemort. Fine, then he should just testify and be done with it. I am sure if a woman is involved Pence can have Mother chaperone.

Disney 1. Desantis 0.

“If the agreement is deemed to violate rules against perpetuity, it will be in effect until 21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of England’s King Charles III, the declaration said.

Do not f*ck with the Mouse.

Stephen Colbert -“Kevin McCarthy is so unconcerned about debt ceiling he put concern in…a letter? Slowest form of communication. But seriously, if SINO cared at all about reducing debt, even if he wanted to protect millionaires he might offer to rescind BILLIONAIRE tax cuts.

New GOP Nebraska Senator Pete Ricketts today in his maiden speech – “limited and responsive government” works.

Why do all these clowns think government should be limited except in our bedrooms and doctors’ offices?

Understand that many Republicans will never vote for an assault weapons ban, no matter how many children are slaughtered. But am shocked there aren’t at least a few of them willing to say the simple sentence “I’ve changed my mind, it’s time to reinstitute the ban.”