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The way the ping pong ball bounces?

March 6, 2023

The Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, now 15-49, and 16-49, played back to back games this weekend,

Wonder if either team considered giving away toy tanks?

In Tennessee, GOP claims “Drag show law will prevent public from being blindsided by a sexualized performance.” No more sexualized performances in public?. So Tennessee also plans to ban child beauty pageants, along with a lot of public dancing, college and NFL cheerleading?


When free agent quarterback Derek Carr visited New York, they apparently told Carr they believe he’d be a first-ballot Hall of Famer if he joined the Jets. Has anyone checked Jets officials for concussions?

Jeff Bezos’ $500 MILLION new superyacht, under construction for five year, just set sail this weekend

But Republicans, tell us again how billionaires need tax cuts?

If you aren’t already a fan of Democratic Florida congressman. Maxwell Frost. On Ron Deathsantis “He is abusing his power and using the state to target political opponents and political enemies. And there’s a word for that, and it’s fascism. And we have to be honest about it.”

Ron DeSantis at Ronald Reagan Library today claimed “In 2021, Florida set record for domestic tourism while California tourism declined by 22%.”

For some reason he didn’t mention COVID deaths , which even with what Florida admits are almost DOUBLE rate of California. Pro life my a**

But for all Ron brags about Florida tourism,

Headlines on train derailments:

Democrats lead rail safety legislation

Headlines on inflation:

Democrats deliver lower insulin prices.

Headlines on risk to kids online

Democrats have leglislation to protect children’s online privacy.

Problem is, media thinks problems are better clickbait than real or proposed solutions.

What happened to faith, family and freedom? Texas GOP censuring one of their own, Ton Gonzales, not for a crime, but because he supported the Respect for Marriage Act. And stronger gun control laws. Gonzales is the Congressman from Uvalde.

If Gonzalez would like to consider becoming a conservative Democrat, it’s messy sometimes, but we have a really big blue tent.

April 2022 – Lauren Bobo tweeted Americans should be 21 before they make “life-altering decisions about their sexuality & identity.”

April 2023 – her son, about to turn 18, will discover how life-altering HIS sexuality decision was when he & his 16 yr old girlfriend have a baby.

Walgreens sent their weekly ad to my email this morning. My response has gone from click to delete.

Come on Walgreens. Never too late to say “We made a mistake.


“Well, nobody’s perfect,” might be the best last line in film.

But seeing “Some Like it Hot” as a kid didn’t turn me gay.

For that matter I loved “Gigi” and “Pretty Woman.” They didn’t turn me into a courtesan nor a hooker.

GOP needs to grow the bleep up.