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Ones are done

March 24, 2023

Houston and Alabama were the last two #1 seeds in NCAA men’s tournament to fall.

But hey, didn’t all we Cinderella fans have a possible Arkansas -FAU final?

And while we’re at it, except for Texas, twos are toast. (Texas is the only #2 seed in elite 8.)

Gotta love San Diego State making it to their first Elite Eight. And a bonus, we don’t have to hear Nate Oats’ excuses for why his players were at least witnesses to a murder anymore.

And in the small, or maybe large mercies department, the San Antonio Spurs have just officially qualified for ping pong balls. Victor Wembanyama could be the one who makes Tony Parker “Who was the Spurs second best draft pick?”

Hey Florida Governor Deathsantis: Are you going to condemn Florida Atlantic Unversity now too? FAU again ranked first among public universities in Florida and 41st in the nation for diversity in U.S. #WinningInParadise

Sen. Tommy Tuberville putting hold on ALL Pentagon nominees, just because DOD now allows service members 3 weeks of administrative leave for abortion or fertility treatment & reimburses them for travel expenses. Putting our military at risk for this stunt. Again, Pro Life My A**.

As he holds up Pentagon nominees, Tuberville rants on military recruiting problems. Uh, if a woman, or a recruit who loves a woman, know they won’t be able to get reproductive care, including fertility treatments, if she gets deployed to a red state, THAT’s a recruiting problem.

Donald Trump posted picture of himself swinging baseball bat next to picture of Alvin Bragg’s head. Imagine President Biden so much as joked about swinging anything at a conservative judge or DA’s head.

Fox & House GOP would be calling for impeachment and his arrest within an hour.

Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis wants to start keeping his travel schedule a secret from the press. That worked out so well for Mark Sanford hiking the Applachian Trail.

On top of everything else, pretty sure that threatening a DA, and warning of potential “death and destruction” that would be “catastropic” for our country if he’s indicted is itself a crime. Trump is a domestic terrorist.

NONE of alleged delays or issues with Manhattan DA over possible Trump indictment come from DA’s office. It’s all reported “leaks’ & mostly Velveeta Voldemort’s having alleged he was going to be arrested. He was fundraising & trying to incite another riot. Media fell for it.

Would someone like to tell me a single useful thing Kevin McCarthy has accomplished as House Speaker in the first three months of 2023? Other than making Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker look even better?


Winning and losing.

March 24, 2023

The Warriors, aided by a controversial call, have no won two road games in a row. Hope this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse.

Best wishes to Dick Van Dyke, 97, who apparently suffered minor injuries when his car was involved in a collision in Southern California. But what the heck is Dick Van Dyke doing driving?

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin is quarantining this week with mild Covid symptoms. Since Republicans seem to believe it’s all a hoax wonder why they don’t ask him to come to the Senate and meet with them as usual?

Only in a America when a school trends on Twitter do we know it’s for another shooting. Today sadly it’s East High School.

The student accused of today’s school shooting apparently was being patted down to search for weapons when he shot two staff members at East High School. But yeah, GOP wants us to think the danger for kids is drag queens. Murica

So on top of everything else, Deathsantis is a weathervane… Today Ron “sought to clean up” when he called Russia’s attack on Ukraine a “territorial dispute,” and added he felt Putin was a “war criminal.” Sorry Governor, we heard you loud and clear the first time,

Would someone like to tell me a single useful thing Kevin McCarthy has accomplished as House Speaker in the first three months of 2023? Other than making Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker look even better?

Oh JFC, now Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Three Names want to bring Tara Reade, the woman who lied about President Biden sexually assaulting her, in for an interview.

And yes, again, she lied. Senate dress code at time was pantyhose. The assault she described couldn’t have happened. Period.

Uganda’s parliament passed a law on Tuesday making it a crime to identify as LGBTQ. Think it can’t happen here? #VoteBlue

Another WTF moment. In Orlando, Boone High School’s student club’s ‘drag & donuts’ event was canceled after criticism from Orange school board member. HIGH SCHOOL. And after school hours at that. More manufactured outage. So exactly who does this hurt?