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Net worth.

March 28, 2023

There are actually tickets for next Monday’s NCAA men’s basketball final for under $100 on Stubhub.

Not that it won’t be a great game, but have to figure fans of a lot of big name teams canceled their trip, and fans of FAU, Miami and San Diego State especially probably didn’t think to make travel plans to Houston.

(What’s cool and maybe a first. Tickets to the women’s final start over $200. Twice the price.

Today’s GOP – kids can’t read books that talk about sexuality, or gender, or even getting their periods. But active shooter drills and reading about children their age gunned down in school is just fine.

(And I wrote this BEFORE the Nashville mass shooting this morning.)

Rachel Maddow is talking tonight about the increasing number of people who’ve survived one mass shooting now to find themselves involved with another.

This is a sad & twisted only in America version of that old game, what are the odds two people in a room have the same birthday?


Chuck Schumer talking about Tommy Tuberville holding up senior military nominations over women in military being able to travel for reproductive healthcare. “If everyone held up Pentagon appointments when they felt passionately about anything, the military would grind to a halt. 160 nominations. Including five 3-star general….these are NOT political. It’s because the Senior Senator from Alabama can’t get his way.”

Let’s call it what it is, Tommy throwing a tantrum.

Marjorie Three Names first joined Congress in 2021. But remember who Georgia also elected to Congress in 2021. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Two great US Senators. Why don’t we ever hear about them? Competence isn’t clickbait.

Some of Twitter’s source code has apparently been leaked online. Well, and who would do a thing like that? Not like Muskrat has upset any of the engineers who kept this app running.

Stephen Colbert on Velveeta Voldemort’s prediction of his arrest lst week. “His least accurate forecast since ‘T’il death do us part.-“

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Deathsantis just signed new school voucher bill that would send money to ANY resident parent who wanted it in the state, if their child was age eligible for K-12.

Yes, that would include Tiger Woods’ children, ages 14 and 15, if he wanted the money towards the cost of his his kids’ private school.