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Two ones done.

March 21, 2023

As a fan of Stanford women’s basketball tonight’s game with #9 seed Miami upsetting #1 Indiana was dramatic. But it was also a win in the “misery loves company” department. Now the story is TWO #1 seeds go down…

Shohei Ohtani hit a double that started a rally in the 9th leading to a walkoff win for Japan against Mexico in the semi-finals of the WBC.and “roared” into second base.

“It’s been a while since I’ve played in a win-or-lose game, in a playoff atmosphere,” Ohtani, speaking through an interpreter, said of displaying rare emotion.

-Dear Mr. Ohtani, sign with the SF Giants in 2024 and can promise that playoff atmosphere regularly against the Dodgers, and then with you on the team, REAL playoffs.

Sincerely – Giants fans.

“It’s been a while since I’ve played in a win-or-lose game, in a playoff atmosphere,” Ohtani, speaking through an interpreter, said of displaying rare emotion.

Regular commercial during March Madness complains about gas taxes in California In small print; “funding by”Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy – CARE” “CARE” is largely funded by Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA). We really need bipartisan Honest Ads Act.

Today Republicans are claiming Democrats always excuse their fellow Democrats for everything, even alleged indiscretions. So ironic timing that this week that instead of prepping for Senate committee meetings, Al Franken is guest-hosting The Daily Show.

So IF Stormy Daniels were lying about an affair with Velveeta Voldemort he could have simply dropped his trousers in a deposition, proved she didn’t know what his junk looked like, case closed. IF she were lying. She’s not.

Al Franken on the Daily Show: “He paid Stormy Daniels to keep this story quiet, and seven years later we’re still talking about it. So that would be another failed Trump business venture.”

Although, Franken did tell Senator Graham, his guest, that Lindsay was the funniest Senator. Uh, Al, think you’ve been spending too much time out of Minnesota lately. Or you’re jealous of your former colleague Amy Klobuchar?

So since many MAGA Trump supporters are parents against books, and drag shows and ANYTHING they consider indecent, what do they answer if their kids ask who Stormy Daniels is?

Ron DeSantis is sending undercover state agents in Florida, at taxpayer expense, to drag shows looking for minors in attendance as well as “sexualized behavior.” He claims he wants to protect kids. Uh, if that was actually his intention, the Florida Governor would send agents to some of these kiddie pageants.

Meanwhile, two fatal shootings during Spring Break in Miami Beach this weekend. Neither by a drag queen.

But yeah, Ron Desantis is attacking Manhattan DA for ignoring serious crime while he investigates Trump. Uh, FLORIDA Governor Deathsantis, while you’re running for President, why are you ignoring the serious crime that has resulted in an emergency curfew in Miami Beach?

Stunning to see GOP complain over Tim Walz signing law to guarantee free breakfast & lunch for students in Minnesota schools regardless of parents’ income. Same GOP applauds far more expensive private school vouchers Florida’s Ron DeSantis is giving regardless of parents’ income.

Still wrapping my head around the fact than GOP members of Congress who made a habit of defying subpoenas somehow feel like everyone else should obey THEIR subpoenas.

Kevin McCarthy worked so hard for so many years just to become a waterboy for Marjorie Three Names.

Again, thinking it’s just possible Velveeta Voldemort said he’d be arrested and called for protests just because he was tired of his GOP rivals dominating the headlines.