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Not sticking to sports

May 24, 2022

Steve Kerr didn’t

And if you haven’t seen his three minutes press conference today:

Steve Kerr said today “50 Republican senators are ‘holding us hostage’ on gun legislation.” If any GOP Senator wants to prove him wrong, they could propose even modest gun control legislation & seek Democratic co-sponsors. We’re waiting.

So the latest mass killer.

Born in the USA

Radicalized in the USA.

Bought two assault rifles on his 18th birthday in the USA.


Meanwhile, Fox News headlines and & stories about today’s school massacre all lead with the dead suspect’s Hispanic name. Not one of them mentions he was born in North Dakota and was a US citizen.

Of course it’s not a bleeping coincidence.

Stephen Colbert says during last two years, 573 new billionaires were created. – including 40 new pharmaceutical billionaires and 62 new food billionaires. So would someone in GOP explain to me why Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices & we can’t try to regulate food monopolies?

Cancun Cruz today “When a mass shooting happens, you see Democrats & a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.” Would it be churlish to say Ted can act like a Russian warship & go f*ck himself?


Coming up Aces

May 24, 2022

The Las Vegas Aces are 7-1, best record in WNBA. Yes I seldom post about WNBA. But they’re being coached now by rookie head coach Becky Hammon! The NBA’s loss is the WNBA’s gain.

On my baseball b*tshit bingo card, I did NOT have the high point of the week as SF Giants fan watching Luis Gonzalez throwing 45 mph pitches and making major league hitters look bad. Even if Mets finally got to him tonight.

Stephen Colbert joking about Biden’s age tonight. Yes, Joe was 78 when he was elected President. And Republicans who delight in those jokes are happy to be led by a man who will be 78 in 2024.

Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

A little good news: In 2020, approx. 220,000 Georgians voted early. GOP is trying to restrict early primary voting. As of now early primary voting in Georgia is about 850.000. Apparently some people only discover how valuable a right is when some people try to take it away!

Boris Bondarev, Russian diplomat to U.N. Office in Geneva just resigned, saying he’s “ashamed” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He told AP he has no plans to leave Switzerland as he’s “concerned” about Moscow’s response to his letter. “Concerned?” Understatement of year.

After Velveeta Voldemort unendorsed him, Mo Brooks is now campaigning with Ted Cruz. How bad has it gotten for GOP when Ted Cruz looks like the more appealing option?

Now it’s Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon who has COVID-19. Several Democratic Senators, all vaxxed and boosted, have tested positive lately. No Republicans. So are they somehow immune? Or not testing?

I don’t give a rat’s behind who 2020 Presidential Candidate Velveeta Voldemort has endorsed in Georgia gubernatorial primary. I do care that 2020 Presidential Candidates Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker have all endorsed Stacey Abrams.