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Longer than….

May 4, 2022

Madison Bumgarner was thrown out of the game in the first inning after he took issue with Dan Bellino’s staring him down and examining his hand much longer than normal – “Take your f*cking time.”

But hey, don’t we all pay expensive ticket prices to go to baseball stadiums to see umpires in person?

NBA playoffs started almost a month ago, and on May 4 and Warriors announced Gary Payton II will be out about a month with a fractured left elbow.

Which means if Golden State survives, Payton will be back for the NBA finals.

And they say the baseball season is long.

The 3-21 Reds now have had three players added to COVID lL list.. Normally that means teams have to call up minor league players. So Cincinnati will basically be making lateral moves?

As the lies multiply, from GOP members to Congress to SCOTUS justices…. I’m so old that I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. As Seinfeld said “Everyone lies about sex. Heck, most people lie DURING sex.”

As someone with a very visual and at times almost eidetic memory I can safely say I will take people’s word on the most recent tape featuring Madison Cawthorn without checking it out for myself. Some things you cannot unsee.

Wait, Senator Mike Lee wore a tan suit on the Senate floor Wednesday. Isn’t that grounds to impeach him?

GOP Senator Joni Ernst, railing against inflation, says you can’t just print money and hand it out for free. But never forget, she and other Republicans had no problem handing out money to millionaires and billionaires with the 2017 tax cuts.

So how many more GOP audio tapes are there that have been saved for books?

So Lauren Boebert claims she wrote a book about her life. If she even mentions her husband’s jail time for exposing himself to young women at a bowling alley, guess that means her book has to be banned in red state schools.

Leaking the draft of Roe vs. Wade decision seems likely to have been a way to blunt the outrage by creating a different outrage. So if it hadn’t leaked what would GOP have done when decision came out and how would it have involved Hunter Biden?

Senator Amy Klobuchar on “the Daily Show’ with Trevor Noah on leaked draft of Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade -“there’s a saying ‘don’t get mad, vote.’ I say get mad AND vote.”

Allison Beth Krause, 19,

Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20,

Sandra Lee Scheuer, 20,

William Knox Schroeder, 19

How many Americans know those names?

If you don’t think it can happen again you’re not paying attention.

Velveeta Voldemort – “can’t you just shoot protesters?”

Flagrant fouls.

May 4, 2022

I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan who would still love to see Chris Paul get a ring. But dang, Ja Morant is good at basketball.

Meanwhile, after being ejected for picking up a Flagrant 2 in game 1 vs Grizzlies, Warriors’ Draymond Green “I am never going to change the way I play basketball… Because then we go home early, & the [flagrant] points don’t matter anymore.” Does he think refs can’t read?

Although then tonight Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks was ejected for a flagrant 2 foul that led to Gary Payton II fracturing his elbow. Further punishment may come.

NBA could make it simple. If your flagrant foul leads to an injury, you’re out as long as the person you hurt.

Can we call the Supreme Court for a flagrant foul against women?

While I respect Lisa Murkowski as much as any Republican Senator think I can’t be the only person who lost confidence in this SCOTUS long before she did.

GOP as well as Democratic women use IVF to conceive children. Wait until they realize Coney Barrett might want to outlaw that too. In 2006 she signed onto letter by anti-choice group that would criminalize IVF. And after all, embroyos do get discarded.

Some GOP and conservative media are claiming Democrats are just being falsely alarmist with idea this SCOTUS could overturn gay marriage laws. Like Democrats were being falsely alarmist that SCOTUS would ever overturn Roe vs Wade?

And seriously does ANYONE who watched how McConnell cheated to block Garland SCOTUS nomination and to rush through Barrett nomination have any doubt that if GOP gets the gavel Mitch will overturn the filibuster within a month?

Imagine how much it will blow GOP minds if a bunch of armed women organize red state protests in support of Roe V. Wade.

Have to assume Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage) is next for this illegally packed right-wing activist court. But maybe Clarence Thomas might draw the line at overturning Loving v. Virginia? (inter-racial marriage.)

Billionaire Peter Thiel, who is actually a New Zealand citizen, has given $15 million in total to bolster JD Vance — the largest amount ever given to boost a single US Senate candidate. Three printable words about Vance “Populist my a**.”