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No mercy rule

May 9, 2022

Today the Cleveland Guardians scored six runs in the bottom of the 9th to rally from an 8-2 deficit against the Chicago White Sox. And won 12-9 in the 11th.

Meanwhile SF Giants took an 8-2 lead into the 9th against the Rockies, and the game ended 8-5 with the tying run in the on-deck circle.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler “never stop trying to score” strategy looking better and better…

Grizzles shot 41.9% tonight – despite Dillon Brooks being 5 for 19. with 4 turnovers. Looks like Memphis would have had a better chance to beat Golden State if Brooks had been suspended 2 games instead of 1.

After Yankees ‘ Gleyber Torres’ hit walk-off HR into the right field short porch, angry Rangers Manager Chris Woodward calls Yankee Stadium “a little league ballpark.” Nah, Little League ballparks don’t require many folks to take out a 2nd mortgage to afford tickets.

So guessing women up to about the age of 55 in red states can now feel free to drive in carpool lanes with impunity: Get stopped by a police officer, tell him you might be a few weeks pregnant.

FL Gov. DeSantis signed new law making Nov 7 “Victims of Communism Day” requiring students to get special instruction in schools on that day “to honor “those who’ve suffered & remind us of destruction communism has caused worldwide w/ death toll over 100 million,”

But kids can’t learn about slavery. WTAF?

Republicans act more concerned about SCOTUS judges with actual peaceful protestors outside their houses than they did about Brian Sicknick.

I don’t remember any Republicans whining about noisy protests when People’s Convoy was blowing horns all night in residential neighborhoods.

So if a woman wants to leave Texas in future to get an abortion is she going to have to be armed?

Maggie Hassan most bipartisan 2021 Senator per Lugar Institute: Others in top 10: Collins, Portman, Sinema, Peters, Tester, Manchin, Cornyn, Rosen, Klobuchar. Amy gets coverage now for her leadership but besides Sinema/Manchin how many Dems have heard of others?

Do better,media.

Been an active Democrat since high school. Have now had friends run for & win elective state/local offices. But I haven’t even agreed w/ FRIENDS on everything they do in office. Why do some people think candidates for Congress or President should agree with them 100%?

As California voter, I get an email from County Registrar of Voters saying they mailed my primary ballot & to call if it hasn’t been received in 7 days. They don’t care if I vote blue or red, California just believes every eligible voter should be able to vote. Nice, isn’t it?

Rachel Maddow tonight talking about leading GOP candidates who have been been credibily accused of assault against women. Well, if it’s good enough for a Republican SCOTUS judge….

If you really feel like protesting SCOTUS being primed to overturn Roe v. Wade, this would be an excellent time to join a voter registration drive.

Love Tim Kaine on MSNBC tonight – “When people ask the question ‘will this provoke Putin?’ The guy was born provoked.”

In search of wins..

May 9, 2022

Glad to have a SF Giants win on Mother’s Day. But close nail-biting baseball games are much more fun when you don’t care who wins.

And this was the St. Louis Cardinals’ only visit to San Francisco during the 2022 season. But as a Giants fan sure felt like Goldschmidt and Arenado were up every inning.

Way too early in the MLB season, but when it comes down to Wild Card teams in October, how much of an advantage will teams like the Brewers and Cardinals have with all those intra-division teams against the Pirates, Cubs and Reds?

Apparently tonight it was Mark Esper on 60 Minutes. (No I didn’t watch.) So how many other former members of Velveeta Voldemort’s inner circle have secrets they are sitting on for THEIR book tours?

So tired of people just talking about babies that have been aborted. I know at least two people who wouldn’t be alive if their mothers hadn’t been able to abort non-viable pregnancies before they became pregnant with them.

Think GOP didn’t expect SCOTUS to overturn Roe V. Wade this year? Has to be one of reasons they’re trying so hard to suppress votes. Republicans have given up on winning over a majority of Americans, choosing instead to try to keep those not in their minority from voting.

Amy Klobuchar talks on This Week ABC about potential patchwork of laws in United States on abortion “Why should a woman in Texas have fewer rights than a woman in Minnesota? Wonder, will overturning Roe affect where women choose go to college, or take jobs, for that reason?

Gov. Asa Hutchinson claims criminalizing abortion is will of people of Arkansas. His state has become pretty red. But Florida is trying to criminalize abortion – Desantis won by 32,000 votes out of 8 mill. By Asa’s logic that’s enough to take rights from all Florida’s women?

From “The Way We Were,” one of my all-time favorites, which my son was kind enough to watch virtually with me on Mother’s Day.

About politics, and being involved:

Hubbell: “I don’t see how you can do it.”

Katie: “And I don’t see how you can’t.”