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May 14, 2022

Philadelphia Phillies have scored 29 runs against the Los Angeles Dodgers in 3 games. As a SF Giants fans a comment and question.

1. Well played.

2. Want to tell the rest of MLB how to do it?


Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Toronto Maple Leafs losing elimination games in the postseason.

(Toronto tonight lost theire 10th straight series clinching game.)

Oddly enough, I moved to Toronto as a child in 1969 (for 4 of 5 years) when the Leafs had relatively recently won a Stanley Cup in 1967. Probably the closest I came to knowing what it felt like to be born a Cubs fan.

Moscow Mitch McConnell went all the way to Kyiv to talk about the Senate needing to pass the Ukraine aid bill. He could have just traveled to Rand Paul’s house in Kentucky because Paul was the one who held up the bill passing last week.

Seeing some GOP and conservative media say Biden should use Defense Production Act to increase baby formula manufacturing. Wait, I thought GOP wanted small government unless it was taking rights away from women.

ABC’s This Week has Chris Christie on tomorrow. I think I speak for millions of Americans in saying that when it comes to what Chris Christie has to say, I really don’t give a d*mn.

Following Senate confirmation, a majority of the members of the USPS board are now Biden nominees. Although if they finally fire DeJoy they better not do it by mail. He wouldn’t find out until after Christmas.

Several manufacturers make ED drugs in America & now with expired patents there are several generic options. But why do I think if one company had an ED drug monopoly & a factory problem caused shortage, there’d be GOP Senators lining up to sponsor antitrust legislation?

So after today’s mass shooting where the suspect himself said it was racially motivated is there a single GOP lawmaker saying he or she is against white supremacists & the politics of hate?

Made spur of minute decision to go grocery shopping this afternoon. It wasn’t and shouldn’t have been a life-altering decision. Though it was for some in Buffalo. Where is the “pro-life” GOP on this one?

Also, I am not using the alleged Buffalo shooter’s name. (Don’t want to give him more notoriety.)

But can we talk about where THIS terrorist was radicalized?

Just a bit outside

May 14, 2022

Rookie Francisco Morales who earned his first save for the Philadelphia Phillies against the Los Angeles Dodgers threw 24 pitches in the bottom of the 10th. 10 strikes.

Siri, what is “effectively wild?”

But hey, 12-10 Phillies win Friday night. 9-7 Phillies win Thursday night? Did they move Dodgers home games to Coors Field and not tell us?

We now know GOP’s allegations of voter fraud has been pure projection for their own efforts to overturn elections. So guess we should start wondering about GOP’s latest favorite obsessive allegations about pedophilia…?

Melanie has apparently given her first interview since leaving the White House and of course criticized President Biden. I really don’t care, do U?

Was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed my son exclusively & even to pump extra work to donate to local nonprofit breast milk bank. (Now 30 such milk banks in US.)

If GOP cares so much about feeding babies would they like to put real $$ into increasing that number? Thought not.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to stop ALL women from having abortions. Also Texas Gov. Abbott wants to stop Biden from now sending baby formula to undocumented immigrants. So if these women can’t breastfeed they have to have the baby then let it starve to death? Pro Life My A**.

Mike Pence is campaigning for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, while his old boss campaigns for David Perdue. How long until Velveeta Voldemort says Pence was only his coffee Vice President?

You know, I don’t remember media obsessively following who Hillary Clinton endorsed after the 2016 Presidential election. And she actually WON the popular vote.