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In a minute

September 26, 2021

49ers left Aaron Rodgers 37 seconds with no time-outs? Heck Saints left Vikings’ Case Keenum (!) 25 seconds left with one time out. But no I’m not still bitter about that Minnesota Miracle.

Meanwhile Detroit Lions had Baltimore Ravens 4th and 19t with 26 seconds left, and the Ravens got a 66 yard field goal as time expired??!! Well, when you’re the Detroit Lions you need to keep coming up with new and creative ways to lose

Love this story from SF Giants pre-game show just now: “Madison Bumgardner sent Brandon Crawford’s sons’ Diamondbacks tickets to root against the Dodgers!”


The New York Jets and New York Giants are a combined 0-6 to open the season. Fortunately I am sure the New York media will be gentle and understanding about this.

Miss the days when stories like this were the craziest headlines: Dallas Cowboys RT La’el Collins suspended 5 games for missing drug tests. ESPN reports NFLPA had apparently bargained it down to 2, until NFL found out Collins tried to bribe league’s drug-test collector. Oops

Fox News is upset that in NYC “Instructors to rat on students for breaking COVID rules and it gets worse.” So it’s wrong to “rat” (their word) about COVID but fine to turn in women and their friends for bounties over abortions. Got it.

My strategy for dealing with Chuck Todd – I don’t watch him. And now I hear he had Meghan McCain on Meet the Press?!!

Strategy validated.

Have no inside information on what might be going on with Merrick Garland. I do however, know one things about indictments: Less important to get them done fast as opposed to getting them done right

So when these “I do my own research” COVIDiots have their car break down do they buy a book on automobile repair and try to fix it themselves?

More on those “my body my choice” COVIDiots who claim it doesn’t hurt anyone but themselves not to get vaccinated. Do they drive with failing brakes on the freeway under the rationale “my car, my choice?”

Don’t watch Meet the Press but apparently “Meghan McCain claimed that while President Joe Biden ran on being a moderate, he is governing as a progressive.” Uh, can Meghan tell actual progressives that

Sad that it’s come to this, saw an SF Bay Area restaurant requiring proof of COVID vaccine, but also photo ID. To prove that it’s YOUR vaccine card. So clearly some anti-vaxxers are trying to use fakes or someone else’s card?

WTF is wrong with people?


September 26, 2021

After the 104 loss Arizona Diamondbacks knocked off the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2, their official twitter feed understood the situation –

And yes, six IS the magic number –

So has USC ever fired a coach and an interim coach in the same season?

Was was the 2020 MLB season – 60 games – the shortest SF Giants rebuild in history?

Yes, UCLA won today 35-24 over Stanford. But at one point their QB got flagged for scrambling and attempting a forward pass 7 yards PAST the line of scrimmage. Not sure what he’s majoring in but pretty sure it isn’t math.

2020 season is a LONG way from over. But not too soon to say the SF Giants need to re-sign their free-agent-to-be Captain Brandon Belt.

If Stacey Abrams uns again for Governor of Georgia in 2022, the Former Guy just gave her her first ad tonight at his rally – “Of course, having [Abrams] I think might be better than having your existing governor… Stacey, would you like to take his place?” It’s OK w/ me.”

SF Chronicle front-page article on most pro-recall county in Calif. One woman, furious at pandemic regulations says she would like to move to another state ‘but breast cancer treatment at Stanford Hospital” is keeping her here. Uh, if she doesn’t believe in medical science…

President Biden is a decent, competent and thus somewhat boring leader. But the media is addicted to chaos. Dear Joe, get that White House cat. Maybe a hyperactive kitten. It would be front page news for weeks. Problem solved.

Wrap your head around this one: While we’ve all known police officer and firefighter are dangerous jobs, the GOP has created a country where you can be attacked just for being a healthcare or election worker.

So should we start a Fox News watch to see how long it will take them to acknowledge the result of the cyber ninja audit in Arizona? My guess is we will be waiting a LONG time.