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First to the summit

September 14, 2021

SF Giants have best record in baseball and are first team in ALL of MLB to clinch a playoff spot. So of course ESPN top headlines almost ignore baseball except for “Kershaw allows 1 run in first start since early July.” #NoRespect

Giants like it this way.

Great night for SF Giants but….

Saw Buster Posey pitch as Florida State reliever in College World Series against Stanford. Posey talking about his gray hairs tonight is not something I was ready to hear yet.

Bizarre stat of the night. SF Giants, in clinching tonight got their 93rd win. Giants now, with 18 games to go have more regular-season wins in 2021 than they had in 2010, 2012 or 2014….

So if Stanford doesn’t end up in a bowl game this year is getting USC’s coach fired a good consolation prized? USC, seeking ‘change in leadership,’ fires Helton.

GOP election strategy is now saying either we win or it was rigged. I have standards but so does this mean if I WERE a Republican San Francisco Giants fan I could just declare SF Giants 2021 World Series champions? Either they’ll win on field or they’ll have gotten cheated….

Tonight on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert talks about recent poll showing 60% of Californians oppose recalling Gavin Newsom. “The other 40% said ‘I am running for Governor.'”


Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn: “Expecting terrorists to behave like normal people is reckless and stupid.” So since presumably her words don’t exclude domestic terrorists Blackburn’s saying she’s in favor of locking up January 6th insurrectionists for as long as possible?

How long before some Republican leader claims the man arrested “patrolling” outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters with a bayonet and a machete was just a peaceful tourist?

Amy Coney Barrett expressed concerns yesterday that the public may increasingly see the Supreme Court as a partisan institution. In related news, Angel Hernandez expressed concerns that the public increasingly doesn’t respect umpires.

Why are we shocked that companies are reporting that many employees, faced with imminent termination, are just now deciding to get their COVID vaccines? Christmas is December 25 every year, and most Americans still wait until a week or two before to do their shopping.

Sorry, if you’re a GOP member of Congress and didn’t have a problem with the Former Guy making a deal with the Taliban and inviting them to Camp David, then when it comes to the withdrawal of Afghanistan, think you should sit this one out.

A friend who is a teacher in West Virgina lost a former student today. Student had become a pro-Former Guy anti-vaxxer. And they died from COVID. Tragic, and absolutely preventable.

But GOP has decided it’s worth their constituents need literally to be “dying to own the libs.”