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It’s not over

September 3, 2021

SF Giants were out of first place for less than 17 hours. Bring on the Dodgers. #BeatLA

Coach Bruce Arians said Tampa Bay Buccaneers, players and staff are now 100% vaccinated against COVID-19.

Makes sense. Seniors are at highest risk of serious illness, so Bucs want to protect their star quarterback.

There is actually a headline on Fox News website: “Biden has trouble recalling song he requested for daughter’s wedding.” Okay, as if without a teleprompter the Former Guy could have named all his children?

So as far as I can tell President Biden hasn’t blamed any states for destruction during Hurricane Ida and he hasn’t thrown paper towels at anyone. What a concept. (Nice, isn’t it?)

Wannabe California Governor Larry Elder in 2011 about a woman who accused him of sexual harassment “If you had seen her, you would know that the picture would be a complete defense. I’m just saying.” Sound familiar?

So many tweets attacking Manchin tonight. Joe’s FAR from my favorite senator. But he’s Red State Dem. The solution is to elect more Blue Senators so no one person has this much power. Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin… Pick a state or 2 & let’s win in 2022!

Money means things are easier during crises – rich people leave cities for vacation homes during a pandemic, or just get out of town for a few days if it’s smoky from wildfires, or to escape blistering heat. Now, in red states, rich women will just hop on planes for an abortion.

Ann Coulter says Biden “had the balls” to get out of Afghanistan, Liz Cheney says McCarthy should “very clearly condemn” Madison Cawthorn’s “dangerous language that seems intended to incite violence.” Wait, I’m agreeing with both Coulter & Cheney in one week? My head hurts.

Just imagine if Democrats in a blue state passed a law with a $10,000 bounty if you turned in someone for having an illegal firearm.

Texans can now openly carry guns in public without a permit or training. Wonder what would happen in the state if a bunch of angry armed women staged a pro-choice march?