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Triple digits

September 24, 2021

100 wins for SF Giants on September 24. Just like we all predicted.

SF Giants were (briefly) in 2nd place by 1/2 game, with record of 84-49. Most pundits figured it was finally over & more talented Dodgers would pull away

Now Sept. 24 SF Giants are in 1st place. 100-54. 16-5 since then. (Oh, LA’s payroll is $100 million more than SF.)

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has lost so many times in Arizona this year he should be named an honorary Arizona Diamondback.

Maybe some state should make Velveeta Voldemort a deal – we audit our election returns when you release all your “audited” tax returns.

Gosh, I regularly check Fox News website to see what the other side is reading. For some reason, w/ all the headlines today, espec. on the border & Gabby Petito, even 1 on holiday travel, there’s not a SINGLE headline on Arizona audit results. I’m sure it’s just an oversight.


What’s the difference between Lauren Boebert’s IMEACH BIDEN sign and Russia’s tapes of the Former Guy? The tapes have Pee in them.

Viruses mutate. And having people refuse to be vaccinated changes the equation. So why is it so hard for some to understand how CDC guidance might have changed as well, and why it keeps changing?

CNN is doing a special report “Toxic, Britney Spears Battle for Freedom” on Sunday. With everything going on right now, good to know the network is focused on the really pressing issues of our time.

18 states still haven’t fully vaccinated at least half of all residents – AL, AS, AR, GA, ID, IN, LA, MS, MT, NC, ND, OH, OK, SC, TN, WV, WY, Some “what do they have in common questions” are just TOO easy.

Jesus Wept.

Marge Three Names actually shouted “Try being a Christian and supporting life!” today to Rep. Debbie Dingell on the Capitol Steps. “Supporting life? – Like supporting life-saving vaccine and mask mandates.

Just thinking, if you’re an anti-vaxxer and convinced most Americans are on your side, then when you quit you should have no problem finding another job, right? So happy trails.

Like many Americans I’m watching Bob Woodward, a young man during Watergate, on TV almost every day and thinking “man, he looks old.”

Chuck Grassley, 88, running for re-election in 2022 is 10 years older than Bob Woodward.

If you’re tired of fighting as a citizen to save democracy, imagine how tired you’ll be trying to be a resister in an autocracy.

Ups and downs.

September 24, 2021

ESPN headline “Mountcastle, Hays HR help Orioles beat skidding Rangers 3-0.”

Uh, Texas Rangers are 55-98. “Skidding?” More like a continuance of their race to catch the 49-104 Orioles on the way to the bottom.

Dodgers down a run with two out nobody on in 9th, then down to last strike before hitting three straight singles, one that should have been caught, to tie the game. LA then won in 10th. But once again SF Giants fans reminded of a simple truth – never count on the Colorado Rockies — for ANYTHING.

Dave Flemming talking about SF Giants and San Diego Padres going to extra innings “What else would you want in late September?” Oh, I don’t know, this SF Giants fan would have been happy with a Giants rout of the Padres today

Rachel Maddow talking about how Apple & Google removed their Russian voting app used by opposition leader Navalny’s allies after Russia pressured them. Uh, so why should we now think Big Tech wouldn’t cave to big business here if they didn’t like Democratic voting apps?

GOP – we don’t need to waste taxpayer money to have polling places open on nights and weekends. Also GOP, we will waste any amount of taxpayer money we can to count and recount ballots nights and weekends until the next election.

Regular reminder. Hunter Biden was not elected to anything. And Hunter Biden is not a “special assistant to the President” whose father overrode the rules to give him a security clearance. You’re welcome.

Seriously, if Florida wants to get rid of all vaccine mandates, let’s just let them secede and set themselves up as an independent entity. Then make their citizens subject to the same rules as other foreign countries if they want to enter the US. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Is it just possible Lauren Boebert is so dumb she didn’t know you couldn’t pay rent and utilities with campaign funds?

So are Republicans going to recount the Arizona vote more times than the number of votes – about 10,500 – than President Biden won the state by?

WTAF? Conservative Daily Mail headline “Meghan’s former actress, Harry’s not even working royal but that didn’t stop them discussing ‘COVID, racial justice & mental health’ in private meeting w/ UN Ambassador.”

I missed their outrage about the failed fashion designer at G-20.

JD Vance- “even though circumstances are somehow inconvenient” women victims of rape or incest should be forced to carry pregnancy to term. “Inconvenient” to bear your rapist’s baby? And we thought GOP was insensitive to inconvenience of making “some people” stand in line for hours to vote.

Watching Rachel Maddow on guy named Steven Hatfill advising September 2020 that firing Dr. Fauci & using hydroxychloroquine & zinc would end pandemic. Hatfill now working on GOP AZ “audit.” Wondering – was there ANYTHING about Former Guy’s administration that wasn’t despicable?

Dec 1994. Stanford University News Service press release. (verbatim. no joke.) “Rachel Maddow, a 1994 Stanford graduate and radical lesbian AIDS activist from Castro Valley, Calif. has been named a Rhodes Scholar for 1995.”. “Radical lesbian AIDS activist.” Ok then.