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Batter up?

June 30, 2020


MLB legally can’t identify players who test positive during the pandemic.  But hey, expect that information will remain as confidential as those “anonymous” early MLB steroid tests.

MLB just announced there will be no Minor League Baseball in 2020. “Who are we, chopped liver?” responded the Mets.

Trump campaign is so desperate they are running anti-Biden ads on MSNBC?
Isn’t that in a normal year like running an ad for Yankees tickets in Boston?

On a brighter note if we will all have to keep wearing masks indefinitely it’s going to be a lot easier to find presents for dads this year for Christmas that aren’t ties or socks.


So how long until Trump tweets an attack on Mississippi for abandoning the Confederate flag?

The “most informed person on earth” wants us to believe he retweeted a tweet with someone yelling “White Power” because he doesn’t know how to turn the sound on on his phone?

Trump actually tweeted about Donna Brazile “She gets fired by CNN forr giving Crooked Hillary the debate questions, and gets hired by Fox News.   Where are you Roger Ailes?” Another sad symptom of dementia I remember from my mother – talking to dead people.

Speaking about Donald Trump today “He sprays a mask on his face every day for vanity, but an actual mask that would protect other people, that he will not do.” Anderson Cooper has no more f*cks to give. And I am so here for it.

Remember Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell? Lauren Boebert, who just won GOP primary in Colorado 3rd district makes O’Donnell look reasonable by comparison.


A virtual fundraiser for GOP Senator Martha McSally in Arizona featured McSally and George W. Bush. Along with GOP Senators Susan Collins (ME) , Thom Tillis (NC), and Cory Gardner (CO)
“Siri, tell me five people who won’t have a job next January.”


As someone who has been going to bars since I was 16 (yeah, statute of limitation has passed on that one), & who loves & misses the conviviality of a good bar, WTF are y’all thinking? Instead of “Bar Lives Matter,” more honest slogan should be “We’re dying for a drink.”

So at these “Bar Lives Matter” places, are they doing 2 for 1 Happy Hour prices on bleach cocktails?

Between the lines.

June 30, 2020

NBA and players union have agreed to have “Black Lives Matter” painted on the courts  at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex when season hope to resume on July 30.

Thereby not only addressing racial inequality, this should keep Trump from even THINKING of attending an NBA playoff game.

42% approval rating for Trump on Rasmussen? That seemed as likely as NFL actually ever seriously punishing Patriots for cheating.


Mayor of Eagar, AZ, Bryce Hamblin, will not require masks nor cancel town’s 4th of July parade “My response from the onset of COVID-19 pandemic has been that we will err on the side of freedom.” What’s that line “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose?”

Justice Clarence Thomas, in scathing dissent today “Iidea that Framers of the 14th Amendment understood Due Process Clause to protect right to abortion is farcical.” Uh, Justice Thomas, “Framers of the 14th Amendment” didn’t think Blacks should vote, let alone sit on Supreme Court.

I’m so old I remember Kayleigh McEnany telling the press “I will never lie to you.”

Saw a report that Barack Obama has counseled Joe Biden to trim his speeches. Makes sense to me. Think Joe is a great guy but only have seen him give one speech live. It was a great 20 minute speech. That lasted an hour.




Susan Collins now claiming in a statement “Kavanaugh gave no indication in his dissenting opinion that he supports overturning Roe.” It ignores the “precedent” of other abortion cases.” So is Collins that duplicitous, or should she be testing herself for dementia?

Rachel Maddow Monday night  says “I am old, I am 47.” Excuse me, 47 is NOT old. Even if we all feel we’ve aged decades since January 2020.

Meanwhile on Maddow,  Susan Rice seemed like a very plausible VP. And she was really p*ssed off. As she should be.



When we get Trump out of office and onto the scrap heap of history, anyone but me feel they never want to watch a movie or read a book about a foreign power trying to infiltrate US government and take down the country again?

Your reminder, as we wonder how many Americans may have died because Trump ignored stories of Russian bounties on our troops, millions of Americans may not have voted for Hillary Clinton simply because of oft-repeated idea a private server MAY have exposed her emails and thus been a US security threat.


Meanwhile, Trump fundraising email of the night starts out “You up?” (no joke) So even prostitutes and porn stars aren’t answering him these days?


Is it wrong to hope the SS Trumptanic is way short on lifeboats?