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Encouraging signs?

June 16, 2020



Mean bitch karma has to love fact that after Trump risked health of Army cadets to make them return to West Point for a photo op speech, the health concerns America now are  talking about are Donald’s own.

Pence says Oklahoma has flattened the curve. Well, if you look at a straight line going up sideways it does look flat.

Doesn’t it kind of just feel like the President doesn’t have ANY policy views…? He just says what he thinks he ought to say in the moment.” Kind of sums up the Trump White House years. #Maddow

So now there’s an argument over who’s actually  “qualified” on Joe Biden’s VP list? Personally, I was a serious Obama gal from late 2007, before he even announced his run, but can I say, folks, if “qualified” mattered so much, you all should have worked harder for one of most qualified candidates in history in 2016 – Hillary Clinton.

Does hydroxychloroquine cause you to have trouble with ramps?


Beijing considers 106 new cases a major and severe outbreak and China will start imposing new lockdowns and travel restrictions. Meanwhile, US cases are spiking especially in red states and Trump cheers reopening and is planning more rallies.

Today’s GOP in one statement. South Carolina Congressman Tim Rice, in announcing he and family have COVID 19, calls it the Wuhan Flu, and does not tell his constituents to wear masks.