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I miss sports but…

June 24, 2020

When ESPN headlines have to do less with game results than positive test results, we have a problem.

Trump has a planned golf weekend at his Bedminister club in New Jersey. Donald has recently been in Arizona, but a White House spokesman said he will not abide by new 14-day quarantine regulations. #LockHimUp

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, who will not wear a mask to protect Americans, says he will issue an executive order to protect statues. November 3 cannot come soon enough.


Donald Trump indicates he’s going to issue an executive order protecting statues.  If Donald cares so much about these Confederate statues perhaps he can reinstall them on the grounds of Mar-A-Lago?

Trump tweet tonight  “How Trump Is Making Black America Great Again, The Untold Story Of Black Advancement in the Era of Trump.” By Horace Cooper A great new book!

So this is a blank book, right?

Latest poll has Biden ahead of Trump by 22 points with women. And 3 points with men. Well, this should take care of the myth of male supremacy once and for all.

Wait…. if NY/NJ/CT edit holds, this means residents of those three states who go to Republican National Convention will have to quarantine for two weeks upon returning. Bummer.

So what’s AG Bill Barr’s excuse going to be for not testifying? No prize, but serious bragging rights for the winner.

As COVID-19 spikes cause the Dow to fall 700 points & even Texas Gov. Abbott to consider restrictions, Trump fundraising email is about his wall & “Radical Left” ignoring “dangerous illegal criminals who illegally cross our borders.” Time to start a pool on tweets about caravans!

Psst… Poland is paying for US troops like Mexico is paying for the wall. Pass it on.

So what time Friday night will Trump fire today’s DOJ whistleblowers?

Maybe play ball?

June 24, 2020

Trying to be happy about baseball’s return. And looking at COVID-19 spikes, don’t see how they’ll make it through a second spring training.


Southern California and Houston have two of the worst COVID-19 spikes in US. Angels manager Joe Maddon is 66, Astros manager Dusty Baker is 71. MLB better not f*ck this up. Seriously.

Of course I wish Novak Djokovic a full recovery from COVID-19. But maybe mean bitch Karma was listening when in April of this year Djokovic declared himself an anti-vaxxer.

175,000 people (including me) attended grassroots virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden with Barack Obama.  Minimum donation was $5.  It raised $7.6 million.

But 175,000 people?  We should not share this number, it will make Donald Trump really upset and jealous.

Trump seems so fixated on not testing as a way to pretend COVID-19 cases don’t exist, have to wonder, has Donald himself ever been tested for an STD?

Uh oh, Cadet Bone Spurs up late and rant tweeting about John Bolton. Think Donald had someone secretly buy him a copy so he can check to see how many times he’s mentioned in the book?? Narcissists gonna narcissist.

If Americans are banned from traveling to some countries it will be the largely the Southern states, reopening early & not wearing masks, that made us such pariahs. Is it too late to let them secede?


As Arizona announces their hospital and ICU beds are well over 80% full, a reminder, it is currently 105 degrees in Phoenix. But yeah, the virus goes away in the heat.

If Jesus were watching today’s unmasked, tightly packed, Trump hate rally, would he say again “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do?”

At this point cult leader Donald Trump will kill exponentially more people than cult leader Jim Jones.




132 days from Tuesday night is Election Night, Nov 3. To give you idea how much things can change in 132 days… 132 days ago  we thought we had no COVID-19 deaths in US, Breonna Taylor & George Floyd were alive, Bernie Sanders won NH Primary over Pete Buttigieg & Amy Klobuchar.