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Foul balls and foul teams.

May 29, 2019

A young girl is apparently okay after she was struck by a foul ball and taken to hospital during a Cubs-Astros game.  But some are calling for protective netting to go all the way around field at major league ballparks.

So will they also call for people not to drive children to games, since they are far more likely to be killed or injured on highways?

(Not to mention, attendance is already down around MLB, guessing losing even the hope of catching a foul ball or having one tossed by a player to you or your kid cannot be helping.)

Former SF Giants Angel Pagan had to be rescued after a boating accident in Puerto Rico. Of course had he been a member of 2019 SF Giants it would have been no problem, even had he fallen out of the boat he wouldn’t have hit water.

As bad as SF Giants have been, the last time they won a game, May 19, was only one day earlier than the Warriors last win.

Random thought after passing of Bart Starr. He led Packers when they were a dynasty, back when I first became aware of football. For all you youngsters, imagine the Patriots if Tom Brady were a nice guy.

Widow of man who was killed of coast of Maui, in first fatal shark attack in Hawaii since 2015, says now that there were no warning signs on the beach.
While it was awful, shark attacks ARE rare. On the other hand, pretty impossible to say in many places that if you’re in the ocean, there are no sharks. They were in the water first.


Few instant pleasures are as satisfying in life as somehow, on a hunch or a half-buried memory, correctly guessing a Final Jeopardy question.

Many Plains, Midwest and MidSouth states have already been hit by tornadoes this year. Preachers and GOP pundits who ascribe natural disasters in blue states to “God’s Will” are being strangely quiet.


Apparently the White House ordered the  USS John McCain to be covered by a tarp so seeing the ship wouldn’t upset Trump during his visit to Japan.

Now, Donald claims they didn’t do it on his orders, so it might have been staff trying to avoid triggering him. But the man who claimed he would run into a school unarmed to face a killer is intimidated by a man who isn’t even alive anymore. What a pathetic and sad little President we have.

Mitch McConnell now says he would fill a Supreme Court vacancy even if it’s a few months before the 2020 election.
This is the political equivalent of shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and feeling you can get away with it.