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Then there were four.

May 12, 2019

So since a Canadian team beat a US team to advance in NBA playoffs got to wonder, will Trump blame someone for it in the morning?

Curiously enough, Toronto has a population, at 2.9 million, almost twice of Milwaukee, Portland and Oakland put together.

As a Spurs fan I have mixed feelings about Kawhi Leonard. But damn, he is fun to watch sometimes.

Moms who are SF Giants fans would like to thank team for a win today as well as a full cardiac workout.

Damn, RIP  Peggy Lipton. Always wanted to look like her on Mod Squad, but I had hair like Clarence Williams III.

When I got pregnant with my son, my ob-gyn told me not to tell too many people until I was through the first trimester at least,  as up to a third of first pregnancies end in miscarriage. So are these GOP a**holes planning to investigate all of them?

At end of Pete Buttigieg speech in Las Vegas Saturday night he embraced his husband onstage. Can anyone ever remember Trump embracing Melania?   (Ivanka, maybe.)


Anyone else notice that during this graduation season, Trump hasn’t delivered any commencement addresses. And wouldn’t have, except that he “bumped” Mike Pence from Air Force Academy. in late May.
Maybe even the universities many of us ridicule have some standards.

Are we surprised Trump won’t acknowledge Mother’s Day on Twitter? Because it’s one day that’s NOT all about him.

You know, being the President of the United States Trump could have started out this morning by wishing the mothers of his children and other women in this country a “Happy Mother’s Day…”


At this point many of Donald Trump’s tweets are a tossed word salad of the same words “Russian Hoax, Witch Hunt, No Collusion, No Obstruction”

Maybe the reason Trump hasn’t wished the mothers of his children Happy Mother’s Day is that he can’t remember how many there are?


Just think of number of people, including FBI director, two former FBI director, 800 federal prosecutors, former employees, his former lawyer, etc, ALL have to be lying for Donald Trump to be telling the truth….