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Thorny finish

May 4, 2019


At the Kentucky Derby Museum, located at Churchill Downs, you can listen to recording of every race in history. Wonder how the hell they’re going to do this one.

Were the  Kentucky Derby horses  claiming a foul owned by James Harden?


Asked on Twitter “What would Trump’s horse be named if he had one running in the Kentucky Derby?”

My thought  – Net Sgovora” – “no collusion” in Russian.


For 2020 NBA Championship, NY Knicks are down to 16-1 in Las Vegas, behind only Bucks, Celtics and 76ers.
Your reminder that as far as money wagered, the #1 team for 2019 Championship was the LA Lakers.

Now that he is in Triple-A, Tim Tebow is only hitting .137. Sad. If only he could build up his confidence again against lesser pitching, like facing the Baltimore Orioles.

All this hype over betting odds in 2020. Another reminder, one reason Bill Clinton, who announced his candidacy in OCTOBER 1991, got the 1992 nomination is that many powerful Democrats figured George H.W. Bush was a cinch for re-election and didn’t run.

Meanwhile,  49 years ago today.  Does anyone think at this point Trump wouldn’t blame the students?  Or Hillary. Or Obama.  Seriously  If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.