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T’is the season

April 25, 2018

Spring in Canada, the time for falling Leafs.


Some say Cubs winning World Series hastened coming of the apocalypse. Well, at least MapleLeafs won’t do their part this year by winning Stanley Cup.


So is Reuben Foster’s ex claiming she fought with Manti T’eo’s girlfriend? #49ers

Who the heck knows truth in Reuben Foster case. But fact remains his accuser recanted BEFORE D.A. pressed charges. We all know she’s a liar; they think she wasn’t lying then, but she’s lying now.

The Commission on College Basketball has recommended potential lifetime bans for coaches who cheat. Over-under on how many coaches suddenly retire or move to NBA?

There are days when I really am sorry that #SFGiants play in afternoon so I can’t watch the game after work.  Wednesday was not one of those days.

Uh oh – quote from Oct 2017 NFL owners’ meeting “we have a president who will use (kneeling) as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interests of America.” From that commie-pinko Robert Kraft.

That moment when President of France gives a far better speech in English to Congress than any President of the US has made….


Ben Carson wants to increase rents for low-income Americans on housing assistance. Well, someone’s got to pay to help subsidize poor investors like Sean Hannity.

All these stories coming out about Ronny Jackson Jr. make me wonder how long until GOP will demand hearings- as to why he wasn’t fired by Obama.

239 pounds, 289 pounds. Hey, who among us hasn’t said 3 when we meant 8? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. #RonnyJackson

That moment that your coffee boy lawyer takes the Fifth Amendment….

Dear Gawd, what cabinet post will Trump try to nominate Kanye West to now?

Amazing how many who think Americans shouldn’t boycott Kanye West’s music because of his political views are thrilled no NFL team will sign Colin Kaepernick.

Kanye West isn’t fit to hold James Shaw Jr’s jockstrap. That is all.

(James Shaw Jr. is the Waffle House hero.)


Don’t back down.

April 25, 2018

Not the ending they wanted or expected at the beginning of the season. But so proud to be a Spurs fan.  Gutsy way to go out.  And not that it matter, really but with all the best thoughts you can send without being a cliche to Popovich and his family.    See you next year @kawhileonard.

So looks like 76ers tanked their way into a pretty darn good team. Sorry, this isn’t a given  – to Cleveland Browns fans…

Okay, can SF Giants fans at least put the  “Trade Brandon Belt” movement on hold for a couple weeks?


After outrage, Nashville judge this morning revoked $2 million bail set for Waffle House shooting suspect. Excuse me, who the f*ck set $2 million bail for him in the first place? #WhitePrivilege


 And now, while I’m not personally acquainted with the bail bonds system, $2 million would have been $200,000 cash. Which while a LOT of money, if his parents didn’t have the savings they could have almost certainly have pledged their house as guarantee – Nashville is a booming market.

At least 10 dead in Toronto, it’s been over 24  hours, and still, not even #ThoughtsAndPrayers from @realDonaldTrump. Of course, killer appears to be white anti-woman loner. If he were Muslim or immigrant Trump would have sent at least a dozen tweets by now.

Ronny Jackson’s confirmation hearing has been delayed, reportedly over allegations including excessive drinking. Well, how much do you have to drink to say with a straight face that Trump weighs 239 pounds?

Millions of Americans want to say “un grand merci” to #Macron for distracting @realDonaldTrump for one day from doing more damage than he might otherwise have done.


Stories emerging of profanity-filled tirades during Clinton Presidential debate preparation in 2016 –  have to think if Hillary had actually dropped some F-bombs at Trump during the debates she might have won the election.

Not sure what’s worse – GOP senators marching in lockstep behind Trump, or the ones who call him out and then crawl into line when it’s time to vote.