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Happy 4-20 day

April 20, 2018

But really, shouldn’t Happy 4-20 day wishes always properly be wished on the 21st?


SF Giants have become a run scoring machine in the Mac Williamson era?


(As Henry Schulman pointed out, they scored 10 % of their runs so far – for the YEAR – in one inning today.)


Until yesterday, figured Gregg Popovich should have serious consideration for @NBA coach of year for all he’d had to overcome this year with the team. Had no idea….

And this, btw, is worth a read, seriously.


So anyone else assume that when @Twitter goes down for a while that Trump must have broken it?

On #NationalSchoolWalkoutDay would GOP care to state again how they feel students and teachers should be armed?

Forget #IKEA robots, is there a robot that can help parents figure out the toys they buy for their kids? Asking for a country with 8 months notice until Christmas.


Remember those innocent days when the worst we had to explain to our kids about President and sex was a blow job? #bookers#peetape#goldenshowers


Well, you know, who could respect a woman who stayed with a cheating husband? #misogyny

 Trouble with hiring a lawyer who has absolutely no scruples about saving you your ass, is that he’s going to apply the same standards to saving his own. #MichaelCohen  

If Mueller wants to confirm Trump spent a night at Moscow Ritz, just get travel writer to say how much more opulent & beautiful it is than any Trump hotel. Tweet saying ‘It is NOT. #FakeNews”  should take about 2 minutes.


“Special Council?” As much as Barbara Bush believed in literacy, maybe this @RealDonaldTrump Presidency really killed her?

So is Wendy Wasserman Schultz related to Adele Dazeem?

CDC has warned Americans to stop eating romaine lettuce over possible E-Coli fears. So shouldn’t Trump keep romaine on Mar-A-Lago menu to prove that the CDC is a job-killing regulator that needs spending cuts?