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Long gone

April 23, 2018

Nothing against Sacramento but when someone hits a home run 464 feet to right center right handed, at AT&T Park in SF, guessing that someone has no intention of moving back there. #MacWilliamson #SFGiants

Mac Williamson is a graduate of Wake Forest.  Actually turned down being drafted by Red Sox to return for senior year.  As a Spurs fan am predisposed to be fond of four-year Demon-Deacons.  (Tim Duncan.)

SFGiants waited until April 23 to play their first game outside of the West.  Even interleague games were against Seattle and Anaheim.  Now I KNOW a computer does these early season schedules. But just maybe, especially after all these early season “snow outs”   someone should program a little climate change into the computer?

That 21 pitch Brandon Belt AB Sunday lasted longer than some celebrity marriages.


Martha Karolyi doesn’t feel she should be held responsible for Nassar’s actions. This is a woman with her husband who taught little girls that the team and ranch were more important than your biological family?


Congrats to Will and Kate on the birth of their third child.  It’s a small good thing in the universe, but in the British line of succession, Princess Charlotte now gets to stay ahead of her new baby brother. #progress

Waffle House hero James Shaw, Jr,  has also started a Go Fund Me campaign that has raised over $50,000 for victims’ families. He works for AT&T in Nashville. Not sure what Shaw does for them, but guessing he deservesld use a promotion, and a raise.

Now that they have Waffle House shooting suspect in custody can they also arrest his father who admitted giving him back his guns?

With the new Trump Giuliani “bromance” why should anyone doubt that two men with 6 marriages between them will stay loyal to each other?

Rand Paul performs usual routine of “most-principled-man-alive” until he isn’t, do get some idea of why his neighbor felt need to jump him.

So would Press Secretary Sanders like to explain how she thinks Democrats opposing Trump hate their country, but when GOP opposed Obama on EVERYTHING they were just being good patriots or something?

US Senator Ted Cruz bringing up the incident in Toronto on Fox News now: “We obviously don’t know the details yet, but it underscores what a dangerous world we’re in…This is a perilous time… We need a strong, steady hand as secretary of state”
Pompeo is a “strong, steady hand” like Ted Cruz is Mr. Congeniality.

Man who ended up in White House in part because Americans considered Hillary’s private email server a security risk is now apparently calling friends & advisors on his personal cell phone. #WTF?


George H.W. Bush in intensive care.  And Barbara is looking down saying “Men! You can’t even take care of yourself for a few DAYS without me!”


Awful day in Toronto, one of the world’s best cities. Increasingly looking like the attack WASN’T terrorism though. Especially as Trump isn’t tweeting about it.

When tragedies strike US, @JustinTrudeau always quick to respond with kindness on social media. Today after Toronto attack, crickets from @realDonaldTrump.
As an American, I apologize for our president.
Je suis Americain et je m’excuse pour notre président.