Don’t back down.

Not the ending they wanted or expected at the beginning of the season. But so proud to be a Spurs fan.  Gutsy way to go out.  And not that it matter, really but with all the best thoughts you can send without being a cliche to Popovich and his family.    See you next year @kawhileonard.

So looks like 76ers tanked their way into a pretty darn good team. Sorry, this isn’t a given  – to Cleveland Browns fans…

Okay, can SF Giants fans at least put the  “Trade Brandon Belt” movement on hold for a couple weeks?


After outrage, Nashville judge this morning revoked $2 million bail set for Waffle House shooting suspect. Excuse me, who the f*ck set $2 million bail for him in the first place? #WhitePrivilege


 And now, while I’m not personally acquainted with the bail bonds system, $2 million would have been $200,000 cash. Which while a LOT of money, if his parents didn’t have the savings they could have almost certainly have pledged their house as guarantee – Nashville is a booming market.

At least 10 dead in Toronto, it’s been over 24  hours, and still, not even #ThoughtsAndPrayers from @realDonaldTrump. Of course, killer appears to be white anti-woman loner. If he were Muslim or immigrant Trump would have sent at least a dozen tweets by now.

Ronny Jackson’s confirmation hearing has been delayed, reportedly over allegations including excessive drinking. Well, how much do you have to drink to say with a straight face that Trump weighs 239 pounds?

Millions of Americans want to say “un grand merci” to #Macron for distracting @realDonaldTrump for one day from doing more damage than he might otherwise have done.


Stories emerging of profanity-filled tirades during Clinton Presidential debate preparation in 2016 –  have to think if Hillary had actually dropped some F-bombs at Trump during the debates she might have won the election.

Not sure what’s worse – GOP senators marching in lockstep behind Trump, or the ones who call him out and then crawl into line when it’s time to vote.


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One Comment on “Don’t back down.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Donny’s hockey knowledge – Las Vegas Golden WHAT?????

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