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March 14, 2018


Anyone have their brackets busted yet? #UCLA

One of these years the New Orleans Saints will start the season with a new QB. But barring injury it won’t be 2018!


Drew Brees turned down much larger guaranteed offers to resign with Saints. Nice to know that it’s not ALL about $$$. Though guessing Drew can still feed his family on $25 mill even if 2nd year not guaranteed.


Well, at least odds are good they’ll be raising an #NIT banner at a #PAC12 school this year.#MarchMadness

Happy about #PA18. But is it just me or does Conor Lamb look like he is about 12 years old? #BlueWave2018

So wonder who Trump will fire tomorrow to distract from #PA18 tonight?

Whatever happens in #PA18, a very big lesson from today is that EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS.

Breaking up with someone via Twitter is pretty universally acknowledged to be a cowardly and immature thing to do. Donald  Trump just fired Tillerson by tweet.

If Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron” while he was working for him, imagine what he’ll call Trump now that he’s been fired?

Trump tweet announcing Tillerson firing & new appts ends “Congratulations to all.”
Really not loving this season of Presidential Apprentice.

Trump said without his proposed wall, people will move out of California “soon.” And many Californians are going “Promise? We need lower housing prices.”

Really miss days when you could get on a plane, turn off internet for a few hours and not realize your first thought upon landing will probably be “WTF did he do now?

There was more Democratic condemnation of Bill Clinton over a blow job than there is GOP condemnation of Donald Trump over a porn star, unqualified appointees, graft, Russia…

A report in the UK Daily Mail says that a family of 3 has a “1-in-17,500 chance of sitting together on a Ryanair flight unless they pay extra.”
And then of course there is a 100% chance that in those 17,499 other instances they will whine and ask other passengers to give up their good seats for the family’s middle seats.


Keeping score

March 14, 2018

At this point Trump Resignation-Firing Bingo might be distracting many Americans from their NCAA March Madness pools.

Dolphins going to release #NdamukongSuh  Ouch, that will really stomp on his eg

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in the US. EVERYONE hated TBS  selection show.

A very simple question for @realDonaldTrump: If #StormyDaniels is #FakeNews then what does it matter if she goes on 60 Minutes or any other show?


I get East Coast bias for TV and ratings. But now in @NBA any team over 500 in the East is in playoffs for sure, while teams 10 games over in West might sit home. #WTF?

Serena Williams, 18 months after having a daughter, plus having blood clots on her lungs & a hematoma after the birth, playing into 3rd round of tournament at Indian Wells. #weakersexmyass


So of course with less than a month left in NBA season, everyone predicted #Warriors & #Cavs would be sitting at #2 and #3 seeds.

TBS  changed  Selection Sunday format, presumably for ratings. What’s next, choosing field then announcing they’re replacing a team with a runner-up? #AftertheFinalRose

USC and Notre Dame among the top snubs for #MarchMadness Setting up a possible #NIT final between 2 of schools Americans most love to hate?#Ratings

GOP House Intel Committee ends Russia probe – “no collusion.” Guessing that blackjack dealers also would have ended a probe of gambling in Casablanca.

Worst thing about this administration is not the ignorance, it is that for Trump, ignorance is a badge of honor.

Tom Rooney, like Mueller, is a Republican. Just sayin’.#HouseIntelligenceCommittee

Pelosi on GOP end of Russia-Trump probe : They’ve “abandoned their oath” to protect the American people.  Maybe not. If you consider American people just means “older white men.”

GOP official Instagram account for Women’s History Month noted women @realDonaldTrump has “appointed to high-ranking positions”, including Melania Trump & Karen Pence. Why stop there? Certainly Trump has done wonders for Stormy Daniels’ career.

As we remembered to put our clocks forward this weekend, can we all resolve to try to put our country forward in November? Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Did I mention we need to remember to vote?