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Forever Giant.

March 7, 2018

So of course it was probably about the money, or maybe not.  But how cool to hear Tim Lincecum,  now with the Texas Rangers, when asked by SF Chronicle’s John Shea if he could have signed w/ Dodgers “Could I? I had to think about that for a minute. But ultimately, I think it would be really tough to the point I would be betraying my heart.”


Watching #AfterTheFinalRose it’s strangely enjoyable to watch major reality star asshole on television without worrying that he will bring down the entire country.

Ah for innocent days when #TheBachelor‘s publicly bad behavior w/ women would have been a bigger story than that of #POTUS#StormyDaniels

So when #StormyDaniels gets her book deal & $$$ will she send Monica Lewinsky a cut for inspiring her to keep the dress

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigns after affair with her bodyguard. Shame, if she’d been a Republican this might have made her a future front runner for President.

Florida State Sen. Kelli Stargel, who has 100% NRA rating – “thoughts and prayers are really the only thing that’s gonna stop” school massacres. Right, that’s been working so well…


DOJ to sue California over three ‘sanctuary state’ laws. Uh, what happened to states’ rights. #consistencyhasaliberalbias

So who had #GaryCohn in Trump Resignation Bingo?!!

At this point beginning to look pretty good for those playing Trump Resignation Blackout Bingo. Who’s close to covering their whole card?

“There is no Chaos, only great Energy!” Hmm, can I use Trump’s line about my messy desk?

Problem with appointing anyone to replace Gary Cohn as White House economic advisor is that we all know Trump only takes advice from the voices in his head.


Steel, aluminum, coal. Waiting to hear Trump speech on building that bridge to the 19th century.