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The Statue of Liberty

January 11, 2018

Is weeping.

But if only in 1885 we hadn’t let in Fredrich Trump from Bavaria.

It’s not that there are shithole countries, it’s that we have an asshole President. Sincerely, USA.

Pretty damn sure that immigrants from #Shitholecountries work harder every day than Trump’s children have ever worked in their lives.

Has anyone told @realDonaldTrump that since January 2017, many nations around the world now consider USA a “shithole” country?

Waiting for GOP to say after Trump’s verbal assault today that it’s “too soon” to talk about racism. But “thoughts and prayers.”

Oh please oh please can someone ask @realDonaldTrump live and on camera if he is a Mensa member?

Walmart has closed many Sam’s Club stores across the country with no notice. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

In Britain, Marks and Spencer has been shamed into stopping Sales of “cauliflower steaks”- a single slice of cauliflower for about usd 4. Hope this doesn’t give Whole Foods ideas.


As someone who started with sports jokes, I would love to #sticktosports. If Trump would only stick to being a plausible human being.

#Clippers last night gave #Warriors one of Golden State’s worst losses of the NBA pre-season.

Chargers will play at Wembley in London in 2018. Where they will probably get as many home supporters in stadium as they do in Los Angeles.

NFL investigating if Raiders violated the Rooney Rule of interviewing minorities in hiring Jon Gruden. More like they violated bigger unwritten rule – “Thou shall not ignore it so obviously.”