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Slip sliding away…

February 5, 2017

So did that extra month of rest Roger Goodell gave Tom Brady this year make a difference down the stretch of #SB51?

In the 4th quarter Brady and the Patriots went through Atlanta faster than anyone not named Sherman.

At least @warriors fans can rest easy knowing their team will no longer win the ESPY for greatest postseason choke job in the last year.

But really, what’s with these collapses, the Warriors, the Indians, the Falcons.  At this point maybe we should all plan to bet on whoever goes down 3-0 in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals.

You’d think after watching Pete Carroll that the Falcons would have learned the lesson, when you’ve got the game won late, run the damn ball.

Wonder how long it took Matt Ryan to realize that a couple V for Victory formations and a field goal would have iced this game? #Superbowl

Avocados from Mexico commercial. Waiting for the Trump rebuttal.

But where were the Clydesdales tonight?  I blame Trump

Cant wait for Sean Spicer  to congratulate the Patriots tomorrow on the largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history.

Really? Trump’s latest tweet “Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!”
So who do we blame for Quebec City, (yes, I know that’s Canada) Charleston, Aurora? And the other over 12,000 Americans killed last year by gun violence?


VP Pence said today White House considering removing sanctions against Russia. Congrats to all those who had Feb 5 in the pool.

As some attacked idea of liberals rooting for a team from a Red State, can we remember that #JimmyCarter is from Georgia. #Falcons #Superbowl

Just guessing we can add #MelissaMcCarthy to list of actors who won’t be invited to any Trump state dinners.

No tweets from the President over last night’s @SNL. Is @realDonaldTrump sick? Or did someone hide his phone?


Protest in Palm Beach last  night were nonviolent but apparently disturbing to Trump at his Florida gala tonight titled “Vienna to Versailles’
Not perhaps as disturbing as it might have been had the President read his history on Versailles.

From Marc Ragovin  “President Trump just congratulated the New Jersey Generals on winning their eighth Super Bowl.”


Twas the night before the Super Bowl

February 5, 2017


We interrupt tonight’s “Steve Kerr can drop the F bomb and get ejected story”:   Gregg Popovich now winningest coach w/ single franchise in NBA history-1128 wins. #GoSpursGo

Meanwhile, give the #Knicks credit, with the closing of Barnum and Bailey Ringling Bros, they fill a real void for fans of circuses.

Terrell Owens is not happy about the HOF “Unfortunately I DID NOT MAKE IT again this year. Thanks to ALL my fans & supporters. #FlawedProcess
So maybe TO isn’t Hall of Fame material, but he sure sounds Presidential.

FOX is showing a special Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl pre-game interview with President Trump tomorrow. Presumably sponsored by Budweiser as a shameless promotion to sell more beer?


If protestors REALLY get paid maybe this is all a secret strategy to get them all rich enough to become Trump voters?




We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
“Ask not what your country can do for you..”
“That shining city on a hill.”
“You think our country’s so innocent?