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Happy pitchers and catchers report day

February 12, 2017

The REAL sign of Spring.


Once again, those Grammys moments when you not only aren’t a fan of the winners, but you have no idea who some of them are.


Question of the day from the younger generation “What the heck is a ‘record’?” #GRAMMYs

Spurs were upset this afternoon by the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.  But to be fair, it’s hard to focus on basketball when you visit the circus.


Bill Littlejohn wonders if we can call the latest Knicks drama “Oakley’s Believe it or Not?”


Wonder how many Americans who talk about throwing all the undocumented workers out and only buying “Made in America” are okay with $10 strawberries and $1000 phones. For starters.


Kellyanne Conway says she apologized to Trump after saying “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff.” Because she should have said “Go buy other Trump stuff too?”

I’ll believe Trump’s immigration reform isn’t racist when we start seeing #ICERaids on pubs frequented by English and Irish ex-pats.

So would Trump care to explain how he’s going to build his wall under budget without foreign materials & immigrant labor?


So Trump apparently took the call about North Korea’s missile launch on a mobile phone during dinner in the main Mar-a-Lago dining room. Hope as far as national security Trump is practicing extreme vetting in hiring waiters and busboys.

Mark Cuban to CEO’s-. “Do what you think is right. “Be an American citizen first. In the bigger scheme of things, our country benefits from peaceful activism a lot more than it benefits from one more shoe being sold, or one more basketball ticket being sold, for that matter.”
And now he’s is a Trump Twitter target.
Who’d a thunk it, Mark Cuban as the voice of reason?

As an admitted Obama Girl since 2007, I do admit, Barack never did as good a job as Trump in making @SNL must-watch TV.



Last night’s @SNL ratings were the highest in 6 years. #MakeSNLGreatAgain.