Not exactly?

Cliven Bundy says “I’m not a racist.” I think I like “I did not have sex with that woman” better.


Roger Goodell said the NFL is considering extending the draft to four days, although it would remain at seven rounds. Well, heck, if the point is television coverage why not start the draft in March and do 3 or 4 picks a day for months?


Dan Marino and Joe Montana will play in a flag-football game to say goodbye to Candlestick Park this July. When asked is they knew who will sponsor the game, the 49ers reportedly replied “Depends?”

Michigan’s Mitch McGary tested positive for marijuana during the NCAA tournament and rather than accept a year’s suspension will declare for the draft. Well, McMary’s already on his way to proving he’s NBA ready.

North Korea says they have an American man in custody who they say arrived this month to “seek asylum” and “came to the DPRK (North Korea) after choosing it as a shelter.” If true, even Dennis Rodman is thinking this guy is batsh*t crazy.

OK, really, how much more of an advantage can #pinetar be for a pitcher compared to say, playing the Houston #Astros?.

Open note to Dodgers fans, we Giants fans learned some great “Torture” cocktail recipes. And we’ll share. (Brian Wilson gave up 4 runs in the 9th in a 7-3 Phillies win Thursday night.)

Federal prosecutors will soon charge NY Congressman Michael Grimm over alleged corruption and illegal campaign donations. What, a NY political scandal that doesn’t involve sex?

The NBA Indianapolis Pacers look to be finishing about as well as Danica Patrick.

Another “policy alignment” at the new American Airlines, as the airline follows US Airways in not even letting full fare travelers hold reservations without ticketing for more than a few days. Not a big deal for most people but ever notice how when airlines merge it’s always the least consumer friendly policy that survives?

The Buffalo Bills have suspended cheerleading operations after members filed a lawsuit alleging they were underpaid. And presumably the squad feels they should have had extra hardship pay cheering for the Bills.

While celebrating her wedding at a bar with her new husband and niece, the bride got into an argument over who was going to drive home, and allegedly fatally shot the niece. Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Your move, Florida.

Nearly a month into the season, MLB has gone back to its original definition of a catch, and no longer requiring a fielder to transfer a ball to record an out. This happened after Brett Gardner was called safe last night when Dustin Pedroia dropped the ball while trying to turn a double play. Well, guess the league finally pays attention if something affects a Red Sox-Yankees game…

Since these first round NBA playoffs are turning out to be competitive and compelling wonder how long it will take the league to move to a 32 team five round playoff?

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