Opening day, the sequel’s sequel.

MLB will have four separate #OpeningDay‘s this season. No doubt the work of one of Bud Selig’s “Blue Ribbon” committees.



It’s only Opening Day and the “weirdest baseball injury of the year” contest may be over: Angels hitting coach Don Baylor suffered a right ankle injury catching Vladimir Guerrero’s ceremonial first pitch.


Upon hearing the Don Baylor story,  the SF Giants immediately forbade Jeremy Affeldt from catching any ceremonial first pitches.



Apparently the new field at the Brewers’ Miller Park had to be grown under heat lamps imported from Europe, because the temperatures in Milwaukee this winter were too cold to grow grass even with the stadium roof closed. #Youwinmothernature

MLB ticket prices are up 2% from last year. And the Chicago Cubs are third-highest, behind only the Red Sox and Yankees, with an average of $44.16 a ticket. But to be fair, Cubs management knows they can’t plan on extra revenue from the playoffs.

Final score in Arlington, Philadelphia 14, Texas 10. The game presumably got good coverage on ESPN tonight as they might have thought it was a preseason football matchup.

In Oakland, the A’s opener faced a potential rainout Monday night. “Rain, gosh, we feel so sorry for you.” said absolutely no one who’s lived through the last winter in the midwest or on the east coast.

Mets fans booed NY Mayor Bill de Blasio when he threw out the first pitch on Opening Day. But Tuesday things return to normal, and they can just start booing the Mets.

Get out the violins. Freshman Andrew Wiggins about decision not to stay at KU. “I just wish I had more time. It went by so fast.” What’s next, saying college was the best weeks of his life?


But really, what did Kansas do to “force’ him to leave?  Tell Wiggins he would have to go to class?

A bonus for Kentucky going to the Final Four, their freshman players can call themselves student-athletes for a whole extra month.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International was the world’s busiest airport in 2013, with 94 million passengers passing through. And that doesn’t count the people who are still looking for their gates.

Apparently DeSean Jackson has interest from the Redskins and Bills and Raiders.  “I’ll take ‘teams that couldn’t fall any further” for $600, Alex.”

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3 Comments on “Opening day, the sequel’s sequel.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Angels hitting coach Don Baylor suffered a right ankle injury (broken right femur) catching Vladimir Guerrero’s ceremonial first pitch.

    For performers, aren’t you supposed to go out and “break a leg?”

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Sorry bout the Don Baylor joke; didn’t mean to offend. My sensitivity training class doesn’t start until May.

    Until then, I will continue with any Ding Dong Ching Chong Donkey Kong Bada Bing Bada Bong Hong Kong Big jokes I can think of in honor of Mr. Stephen Colbert.

    The movie “Gravity” is a big hit in China. Nowhere in the movie does it show that you need to parallel park a space craft, use a turn signal or even need a license to command one.

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