Dogging it?

Ken Rosenthal thinks that Don Mattingly soon to be fired as #Dodgers manager. Wouldn’t it be worse punishment to make him stay whole season?

Meanwhile #SFGiants. This road trip might be the worst ever not involving the Donner Party.

If misery loves company, then at least relations betweens SF Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers fans may never be better.

SF Giants manager Bruce Bochy said this has been the worst week he can remember “Wanna trade?” asked President Obama?

Meanwhile MLB umpires are thinking next week can’t get any worse… From Marc Ragovin:   “I’m not saying that MLB umpire Fielding Culbreath — who was suspended for allowing an illegal pitching change — is unfamiliar with the game’s rules, but he was heard singing the other day “cause it’s one, two, three strikes take your base at the old ball game.”

A Florida Lottery executive told the AP. “We’re delighted right now that we have the sole winner,” and added that Florida has had more Powerball winners than any other state. Uh, except that as far as bragging, this is kind of the opposite of winning the state IQ test.

Star Trek: Into Darkness” had a $70.6 million opening weekend in the U.S.- slightly disappointing to Paramount executives who had expected more. On the other hand, $70.6 million is pretty impressive considering how many theater-goers went without a date.

A SNL skit last night paid homage to “The Graduate” as Seth Meyers broke up Stefon’s wedding. Reading this, a number of younger Americans no doubt are thinking “What’s ‘The Graduate?'” A number of older Americans are thinking “Who’s Stefon?”

Now that gay marriage is legal in France, how long until the next trend is winking at married gay couples having affairs?

A man is in critical condition after falling from a roof during a San Francisco Bay to Breakers party Sunday. Which is sad, but did the media even need to add that police suspected alcohol “may have been involved?”

That story about the 21 year old student on Long Island, NY  who was taken hostage and then accidentally killed by a police bullet is awful. But once again, I wonder, if even a trained professional can make such a mistake in the heat of battle, why do so many think more armed amateurs will make us safer?

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2 Comments on “Dogging it?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Terrible situation in Oklahoma. But I wonder how many red state congressmen who nixed Hurricane Sandy relief unless accompanied by offsetting spending cuts, will now insist on unconditional aid to Ok.

  2. Dennis Mar Says:

    I thought the item “This road trip might be ….” was hilarious. Did it get picked up by any mainstream columnist? It wasn’t reprinted in Leah Garchik’s column.

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