Rough Ryder?

U.S. collapsed so fast in the Ryder Cup today have to wonder if beer and fried chicken were involved.

The Ryder Cup was played at Medinah Country Club, a suburb of Chicago.  Which means the least surprised fans were Cubs fans. They know nothing good happens in town in September.


Tiger Woods was point-less through Saturday’s matches in the Ryder Cup. Wow. Last time Tiger went that long without scoring, Elin and a tree were involved.

Ann Romney says if Mitt is elected her biggest concern “obviously would just be for his mental well-being.” Well, gosh, good thing he’s not going for a high-stress kind of job.


Baylor 63, West Virginia 70 on Saturday. So who started the college basketball season and didn’t tell us?


Well, Tim Tebow isn’t the starting QB yet. But after a 34 to 0 loss to the SF 49ers no doubt the NY Jets had a stadium full of people screaming “Jesus Christ!”


The 49ers were so dominant Jim Harbaugh didn’t even need replacement refs to give him unlimited challenges.


From the very funny Alex Kaseberg:   Meanwhile, the former NFL substitute refs continue to make horrible decisions; last night one of them went to Red Lobster and ordered sushi.




A Mormon woman’s email has gone viral asking people to fast and pray for Mitt Romney in the debates. Well, not sure if this would help Mitt on Wednesday, but it can’t hurt our country’s obesity issues.

Paul Ryan this morning, after being asked for details of their tax plan: “well, I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math.” Is this campaign speak for “You can’t handle the truth?”

Both campaigns are working so hard to praise their opponents’ abilities and downplay their own chances, it’s hard to tell if we’re having a Presidential debate Wednesday or a playoff game.

Mitt Romney is apparently practicing “zingers.”  Just what we need.  A stand up comic in chief?



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One Comment on “Rough Ryder?”

  1. Berney Says:

    I read that Chicago O’Hare is looking to hire a goat herder and some goats to clean up grass areas around the airport. From my experience last month at O’Hare they already have enough goats working there……

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