Boring Contrived System.

Okay, I apologize in advance for this first joke.

If only Hurricane Katrina had made as little forward progress in New Orleans as LSU’s offense.

But really? Best two teams in the country? For most of the game both LSU and Alabama didn’t even look like the best teams in the SEC.

Open note to BCS apologists – both of you. So LSU and Alabama had the best records by some determined strength of schedule and only one game was needed. By that token we should have eliminated the wild card games NFL games last weekend and the next two weeks – Just go directly to a Packers-Patriots Super Bowl after a month off.

For the very casual football fan in Louisiana. Yes, the Saints and LSU play the same game. It just doesn’t look like it.

Most embarrassing night for LSU where arrests were not involved.

Question I would like to have seen asked by a sideline reporter to any of tonight’s players. “So, after this is all over, are you looking forward to getting back to classes?”

Jerry Perisho’s great pre-game comment: “Monday night, it’s LSU versus Alabama in the OMG It’s Finally About To Be Done Bowl.”

Whatever you think of Pac 12 football, does anyone think that Andrew Luck and the Stanford offense against Alabama wouldn’t have least been able to end up in the same zip code as the end zone?

For anyone who wondered, is this the best matchup college football can do? The South may not have won the Civil War but they sure won with the BCS process.

Battle cry of the unfortunate LSU offense tonight: “Occupy Alabama territory.” (In retrospect, the defenders of the Alamo looked less out-manned.)

After switching over to “the Bachelor, must say, many of the women definitely look more aggressive tonight than the LSU offense.

Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich for President. This is a surprise to many people who didn’t realize Todd knew who was running.

Apparently on the latest episode of the Kardashian reality show (isn’t that an oxymoron?), Kim complains: ” Sometimes I wish I’d have just one day of peace.” This will happen only when the Kardashians figure out how to make a profit on “one day of peace.”

Tim Tebow gets a contract bonus of $250,000 for his playoff win. Another reason many men don’t like the guy, he probably won’t spend any of that money on beer and women.

Okay this shouldn’t be funny, but. There is a story today about a leopard killing a man in a city in eastern India. According to the AP the victim was a 50-year-old lawyer who was outside talking on his cellphone.

They’ve starting voted in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney looks likely to win. But his voters appear as enthusiastic as most people do about choosing to spend holidays with their in-laws.

A alleged wannabe suicide bomber was arrested in Tampa over the weekend. The man apparently never got close to actually carrying out his plot. But wonder if local law enforcement and the FBI didn’t think about letting him have a go at an otherwise empty Tropicana Field.

Big news in the White House, Bill Daley leaving his position to head back to Chicago. The big news. When anyone in politics from Chicago leaves a position without the police being involved.

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6 Comments on “Boring Contrived System.”

  1. Neal Says:

    Whatever you think of Pac 12 football, does anyone think that Andrew Luck and the Stanford offense against Alabama wouldn’t have least been able to end up in the same zip code as the end zone?

    Or Oregon.

  2. Neal, agreed. Heck, Cal might have been able to score on Alabama once . And USC certainly.

  3. M. Whittier Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Excuse me but I am going to insult you. You all have watched what was probably the best defense in college history. Nick Saban coached his team to close as perfection as you can find in any team. Here comes the insult…you idiots obviously don’t watch enough college football to see what was a clearly dominant Alabama team methodically carve up LSU. Watch the games both teams played over this past season and you will see that these were clearly the two best teams in the country. Alabama beat themselves in the last matchup between the two teams. Alabama learned from it’s mistakes and showed a befuddled LSU that there would be no repeat of the last game.

    • Appreciate your comment, but the fact is without a playoff we don’t know. Yes, LSU beat Oregon, but the Ducks self-destructed with stupid turnovers, and were short players, Bama beat Penn State. We have no idea how they might have performed against Weeden, Luck, RG3 etc.

  4. tc Says:

    Last we heard in Canada, Nick Saban wasn’t even going to Bama. So I didn’t watch.

    Josh McDaniels returns to NE. Coach Belichick says he’s not sure how Josh will actually assist. (now that he has McDaniels’ videos of the Broncos practices)

  5. tc Says:

    Sportsnet Canada (TSN’s competition) reports that Saturday’s Canucks – Bruins NHL game brought them their highest ever rating. 746,000 viewers tuned into the afternoon game.

    To put that in perspective, that was how many viewers were still tuned in at halftime during last night’s BCS Championship football game…. and yes, all those TV sets were in Alabama

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