In Cincinnati, Saturday night’s all right for fighting.

After a major game-ending basketball brawl with the University of Cincinnati, Xavier’s star guard, Tu Holloway, whose trash talking helped instigate the whole mess, talked about it being a rivalry game and how Xavier’s motto was “zip ’em up.” Uh, Tu, what you REALLY should have zipped was your mouth.

Cincinnati’s Yancy Gates, who threw a serious punch, is almost certainly going to be suspended and could even be dismissed from the team. On the other hand, with that kind of size (6’9″, 260 lbs,) and hitting, Yates could be offered a job with the Bengals.

When the question of whether marital fidelity should influence voters’ choice for President, Newt Gingrich responded “I’ve said I made mistakes.” He then added that since he is now a 68-year-old grandfather, it might be time to move on. Got it. So we should elect Newt now that he is too old to cheat on his third wife?

Regarding Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert’s comment about 25 teams being the Washington Generals, the Washington Wizards are offended. They ASPIRE to be the Washington Generals.

Mitt Romney proposed a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry as to whether or not he backed individual healthcare mandates. And then denied that a 10k bet meant he was out of touch. Well maybe. But what happened to that Mormon prohibition against gambling?

Jim Mora has been hired to coach UCLA’s football team. Well, with a lifetime 31-33 record in the NFL between the Seahawks and Falcons, Mora seems like the right guy to lead the Bruins back to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl again in 2012.

NL MVP Ryan Braun just tested positive for a PED. You have to think that Barry Bonds is shaking his head and smiling.

Silver lining of Braun’s failed drug test? The SF Giants can point to their 2011 offense and say they were clearly the most performance-enhancing-drug-free group of hitters in baseball.

The most disappointed fans about Braun’s potential failed drug test? Those who had Prince Fielder in the pool.

MLB has officially reinstated Manny Ramirez from the voluntary retirement list. Although any team taking a chance on signing him is probably doing the baseball equivalent of marrying a Kardashian – it’s exciting at first, it’s a lot of media attention, and it will probably blow up in your face.

Not that I am a Romney fan, but now that Gingrich is at least the temporary front-runner….well, there’s something amusing about a man being accused of being a flip-flopper by another man who’s been married three times.

Congratulations to Robert Griffin III on his Heisman, even though, admittedly biased, I would have voted for Andrew Luck. But here’s the remarkable sidebar -both Luck and Griffin are excellent students, Luck an Academic All-American, Griffin, Dean’s List, and both are heading to the NFL with actual degrees.

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One Comment on “In Cincinnati, Saturday night’s all right for fighting.”

  1. If I were Matt kemp I may be shaking my head, but not smiling. Awards like the MVP is what gets guys bonuses and intothe HOF>

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