Parenthetical thoughts…

Maybe a few history classes wouldn’t have hurt. Michelle Bachman got into trouble before for saying (twice) that the Revolutionary War started in Lexington, New Hampshire. Now she is kicking off her presidential campaign in Iowa. In the town of Waterloo.

(but who knows, maybe Bachman thinks the line “where Napoleon met his Waterloo” refers to a woman he was dating?)

Sarah Palin has apparently authorized a feature film about her career. The film has an announced running time of two hours but will stop halfway through.

Ray Small, former Ohio State WR, is claiming a student newspaper “twisted his words” about teammates selling their rings and getting car deals, and has retracted the statements. Although the newspaper editor says “everything Small said is recorded.” Well, when Small decides he is completely done with football, he has a great future working for Newt Gingrich.

Governor Jan Brewer is going to court to fight the state’s voter approved medical marijuana law.   So let me get this straight, Brewer trusts the people of Arizona to make the decision to carry a gun around, but not to light up a joint?

(Based on events in Arizona and Florida over the last several years, I am beginning to think that too much sun rots your brain.)

Meanwhile, over in Texas,  Governor Rick Perry is the latest to talk about running for President in 2012. Uh, Rick, with all this talk of secession for the Lone Star state, wouldn’t that make you no longer born in the U.S?

A new CNN poll shows Rudy Giuliani, who is not even an announced candidate, leads all GOP presidential contenders. Presume “None of the above” was not an option?

(My friend Scott Russell has an idea, if “none of the above” is the biggest vote getter in an election, throw both candidates out and start over.)

If you think golf needs Tiger Woods, how about women’s tennis needing the Williams sisters? The two top seeds, Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki, are both out of the French Open. And the response of most sports fans – “Who and who?”



Aubrey Huff, batting .212, hit cleanup again for the SF Giants today. Now, I love Aubrey, and we pronounce our last names the same way, but these days the only cleanup he’s doing well is helping the opposing pitchers clean up their messes.

(of course I wrote the above before the game, and he got two hits, so am posting it so as not to mess with success.)

Meanwhile, at home plate, Eli Whiteside over Prince Fielder by TKO.

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5 Comments on “Parenthetical thoughts…”

  1. augie Says:

    “(but who knows, maybe Bachman thinks the line “where Napoleon met his Waterloo” refers to a woman he was dating?”

    Or perhaps she’s just hoping Waterloo is the place she can pull his Bonaparte.

  2. Keith Hillyard Says:

    Maybe Bachman thought she was going to an ABBA concert.

  3. Gary Morton Says:

    Certainly Michelle knows that Waterloo is Englandish for Water Closet.
    If Sarah runs, think she’ll ask Katie Couric to be her press secretary?

  4. tc Says:

    NBA Homes

    Miami – American Airlines Arena
    Dallas – American Airlines Center
    Chicago – United Center

    So shouldn’t Oklahoma City be – Fly By Night Airlines Arena?

  5. left coast sports babe Says:

    Nice Bachman additions, guys. Sure hope she runs!

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