It’s Monday and already it’s a long week.

The World Champion San Francisco Giants have really been struggling on defense for the first ten games of the season. Maybe the team should leave their World Series rings off when they take the field?

Latest redundancy: Struggling New York Mets bullpen.

Poor Rory McIlroy – on the brink of his first major championship, he inexplicably just couldn’t put the ball where he wanted it. On a brighter note,   Rory has been offered an honorary degree from Butler.

from Marc Ragovin:  “I’m not saying that Rory McIlroy is young, but he looks like he should be playing with Chevy Chase and Ted Knight.”

The NFLPA has suggested that players may not want to attend the NFL draft ceremony to show solidarity with locked out veterans. Cam Newton, however, has announced he will be there. Can’t imagine how Cam got a reputation for being a selfish egoist.

CNN says this is “breaking news.” – Mitt Romney says he formed an exploratory committee as a first step in a potential run for GOP presidential nomination. With all due respect, when has Mitt ever stopped running?

Go figure, the Mormon is the only serious male candidate in the race who’s only had one wife.

The Marlins look more than respectable this year, the Rays look woeful, but the real headline sports story opening week in Florida? A quarterback controversy after the Gators’ spring scrimmage in Gainesville. (That lousy attendance for both teams isn’t just their stadiums.)

Two former University of San Diego basketball players and an assistant coach are amongst nine people who  have been indicted for allegedly taking a bribe to influence the outcome of a game against UC Riverside. What’s most shocking? People actually bet on a game between USD and UC Riverside?!


Open question to Tea Party members: So if we are going to slash spending, which foods should the FDA and USDA stop inspecting and regulating? Meat, fruit, vegetables? All of them? Should we just put all producers and growers on the honor system?

And while we’re at it, slash the FAA inspection budget too. It’s not like planes are falling apart in the sky or running into each other on the ground…… Oops, never mind.

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3 Comments on “It’s Monday and already it’s a long week.”

  1. tc Says:

    USD vs Cal Riverside. There’s even a line on that game? Wouldn’t Vegas or local bookies be suspicious if the “handle” on that game was more than $135 total?

    Let me have 2 dimes on Cal Riverside, 3 dimes on the Under and a dime parlay on both. hahaha

  2. Gary Morton Says:

    All kinds of red flags must’ve popped up when Vegas got a request for ONE bet on either USD or UC-Riverside. I don’t know that I’d even bet that either school has a team, and after this event, neither may.

    I looked up the Trivia – largest stadium: Dodger. But I didn’t check the smallest. If you’re going to quiz us, don’t you have to provide the answers? Or at least some Graham Crackers and a nap?
    It’s true, it’s true, the Mariners overcame a 7 run deficit to beat Toronto last night, 8-7. And they’re hosting Stanley Cup games in Hell this week – or San Jose.

  3. Berney Says:

    I agree with Gary – what’s the trivia answer? And what do we win? a trip to Fenway to see the Sox lose yet another one? Oh, seems so far tonight they’re hanging in there. I saw that Mariners comeback. Poor Jays fans went to bed thinking they had it in the bag….. guess again!!!

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